Covington Said in the Court That He Has a Traumatic Brain Injury From Masvidal

colby covington brain injury

Covington suddenly announced that he received a traumatic brain injury after Masvidal’s attack. Jorge was forbidden to approach Colby. The hearing was held on Thursday. To remind you, the UFC fighter Jorge Masvidal attacked former competitor Colby Covington outside a restaurant in March.

The injured complained in a police report about a chipped tooth and a damaged watch at the very beginning but now he changed his testimony. In the new charge, the man named himself as the victim and said he had sustained a head injury.

The judge of the 11th District Court of Flora scheduled the next hearing in the case on May 12. From this point, Masvidal got an order to keep 25 and 500 feet from Covington and his house respectively. It happened after Covington’s announcement that he was afraid of Masvidal after the assault. Both fighters attended the hearing via video communication. A rather strange situation.

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