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Collectors Think That Logan Paul’s Pokemon Cards for $3.5 Million Are Fake

jake paul

It seems that Logan Paul is scammed again. The collectors assume that the YouTube personality’s Pokémon Cards on which he spent 3.5 million dollars are fake.

The Pokémon TCG fansite gathered pieces of evidence that were published at PokeBeach suggesting that Logan Paul became the victim of a scam.

On January 21, 2021, a video blogger from the United States purchased the first edition of cards. He told about this in a post on Twitter where he wrote that he paid a huge amount for a sealed box with cards, which is certified with seals. Comicbook noted that this box contains 11 packs of cards. At the time of writing this news, the publication of the video blogger has collected about 40 thousand likes and 1.3 thousand retweets.

In November 2020, a man spent 300 thousand dollars on Pokemon cards.

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