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Cornish Island Is Looking for a Gardener Who Will Have to Care for a Castle and Its Garden

Cornish Island

Cornish island with its own castle is looking for a gardener. St Michael’s Mount, which is situated 500 yards off the Cornish coast, can be reached by ferry. The worker will get his own house in the village and his duties will include the maintenance of the castle and its fascinating garden.

But gardening on a rock in the middle of the sea is not an easy job. In addition to physical activity such as climbing and climbing the cliff, the gardening team must keep an eye on the island’s unique garden. Namely, to continue to develop the collection of plants, enriching the species that grow in one of the most challenging areas in the UK. The work is hard, but it brings results in the form of the collection of plants and the overall look of the gardens.

According to some legends, the castle was built by a giant who came to the island to attack the local livestock. A reward was announced for killing the giant, and a boy named Jack killed the beast and became a hero. He was later named “Jack the Giant Killer”.

The island itself got its name from St. Michael, who is supposed to have appeared to a group of fishermen. The oldest buildings that have survived date back to the 12th century. In 1954, the castle and its territories were opened to the public. At the moment, it attracts over 65,000 visitors and functions from April to September. The mountain is home to about 30 inhabitants and there is a church and an old harbor.

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