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Crypto Exchange FTX With Washington Wizards Are an Official Cryptocurrency Exchange

Crypto Exchange FTX and Washington Wizards

Crypto Exchange FTX teamed up with Monumental Sports and Entertainment to become the official cryptocurrency exchange and also the NFT partners. The concluded deal gives the platform the opportunity to have exclusive rights for future NFT`s drops and allows it to partner for the virtual currency in the sport.

The blockchain was involved in the sport system recently. One of its leading functions is to attract new fans and encourage dedicated sports enthusiasm. Everyone will have the feeling of being directly involved in the life of his favourite sports team. The trust in the blockchain is growing. Now sport organizations came to use this system to pay for match tickets. A lot of mobile applications were developed based on it. And the most important thing is that it negates the risks of counterfeiting.

The popular Kevin Durant became the official face of Coinbase. And Steph Curry after his fantastic 3-point record Under Armour honored a special sneaker NFT. There are a lot of other examples.

To note, the sports industry is not only competitions and awards. It is much more complex. Every day an endless amount of data is processed, especially forecasts of the results, regulations and conditions, popularity of players.

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