Stone Island Units With Daniel Arsham To Unveil Porsche 930 and Unimog 404

customized porsche 930 and unimog 404

The great exhibition of Porsche 930 and Unimog 404 will be available to visit this weekend. Daniel Arsham collaborates with the famous streetwear brand Stone Island to unveil the iconic customized vehicles.

porsche 930 and unimog 404

The Safari project features an iconic Leh Keen-built Porsche. The 1986 Porsche 911 Turbo is optimized for off-road use. The team could save many original ’70s and ’80s pieces. The vehicle has an external light pod, a pair of additional bumpers, and skid plates at the bottom of the car.

stone island porsche 930 and unimog 404

One more interesting object is a redone Unimog 404 that goes with Safari. Both cars have seat covers that are oriented on a function-first focus, using moleskin from Stone Island. The fabric was processed with a dye and laser to make the dusted effect visible everywhere.

daniel arsham porsche 930 and unimog 404

The common project also launched a limited collection of jumpsuits and Tela Stella bags, repeating the same design techniques. The important thing is these pieces are available only for family and friends.

customized porsche 930 and unimog 404

You will be able to observe these items at a special exhibition that will take place at the La Brea Stone Island Store in Los Angeles on March 19 and 20.

customized porsche 930

So, what do you think about the news? Have you ever driven an SUV? Leave your comments below the article!

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