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Cutting a Cigar: Read This Useful Article Now to Know Everything about It

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Are you a lover of cannabis? But have you ever tried to cut a cigar? Read our article to know a lot of interesting things!

Before smoking a cigar, it is necessary to cut off one end (head) of it.

Trimming on straight cigars is done at a distance of 2-3 millimeters, on cigars with a sharp end, 5-7 mm from the edge.

There are different ways and different cigar accessories for cutting cigars. These are cutters-bullets, gimbals, guillotines, and shears.

How to Cut the End of a Cigar?

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You can of course use your teeth. But your teeth are not as sharp as a guillotine blade, and secondly, you have a strong tobacco flavor on your tongue.


They resemble a bullet in appearance. They have a sharp end that easily cuts a round hole in the cigar head with one rotational motion. There are simple ones or with a spring ejector. Their disadvantage is that the cutout on cigars is small and on large cigars, you will have to repeat this operation.

Cigar Drill

This accessory for cigar cuts can easily pierce cigar heads, but compared to bullet cutters, it can be used for any cigar size.

There Is One Type of Cutter with a V-Shaped Blade

The cut from it has the shape of a “groove”, which guarantees the safety of the main part of the cigar’s cap, and the useful cut surface is increased due to the V-shape of the cut itself.

If you are using a V-shaped cutter or a bullet cutter for cutting a cigar, do not pierce the cigar too deep, as you can deform the structure of tobacco leaf filler, which can cause poor cigar cravings and lead to unwanted tobacco oils from the cut cigar.

There are many different types of cutters, but the most popular type is the guillotine. These cutters can be with one or two blades. Of course, if the blade is double, then this is much better. Another well-known type of cutter is special cigar scissors. With these tools, you can, after stepping back about three millimeters from the end, cut the cigar so that only a thin ring remains of the cap. Only then will the wrapper remain in place, this cap does not allow it to unfold.

The guillotine is the most common cigar cutter for cigar cutting. They come with one or two blades.

When you use a single-blade guillotine, the trim is done in the direction the cigar was rolled. Pruning should be done quickly and confidently. There is one drawback – at the final stage of the cut, part of the wrapper is slightly chewed.

The advantage of a two-blade guillotine is that the blades cut both sides of the cigar at the same time, and there is less chance of damaging the wrapper leaf.

Many smokers have several guillotines, from small plastic guillotines to more massive ones or even tabletop guillotines.

Cigar scissors are a good instrument to cut a cigar that can do a good cut across the cigar, and you can see where the cut is. You can purchase special scissors in any tobacco salon. They do a good job only inexperienced and firm hands. Since the tobacco is quite dense, you need to press hard on the scissors to trim it, firmly holding the cigar and being careful not to tear it.

Punch Is the Best Way to Cut a Cigar

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This tool is compact and easy to use. The punch is designed to make a neat hole in the cap. In order to do this, the instrument must be brought to the cigar and pressed or screwed into the sealed tip a few millimeters. The cut area of ​​the pressed tobacco leaves is removed with the punch.

Such accessories are also available in different diameters, but they cannot be called universal. The fact is that the punch is convenient to use only when lighting straight-type cigars with a wide and flat cap.

This tool for cigar cuts will prove to be useful in the event that you have not become friends with scissors or a guillotine.

We are sure that after reading this article you will not have a question: “how to cut a cigar” anymore!

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