Damien Wilson Tried To Kill His Girlfriend With a Tire Iron, the Man Was Arrested

damien wilson was arrested

Damien Wilson was taken by the police in Frisco, Texas last week. An NFL linebacker threatened to kill his girlfriend with a tire iron. Cops said that he

was accused of assault with bodily injury to a family member. There is no more information about the incident.

Wilson’s beloved, Ryan Sokolosky, shared that everything happened at her home after she had broken up with the man. 28-year-old Wilson just went crazy. She also added that the footballer emerged from bushes holding a tire iron in his arms and threatened to end her life.

damien wilson arrested

However, Wilson’s attorney, Toby Shook, answered that Wilson did not attack the woman. The man also added that he looks forward to all the facts to clear the star’s name. It is very interesting what happened between these two people.

We are also waiting for the detailed information to figure out what really happened that day!

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