David Ortiz Was Included in the Baseball Hall of Fame on the 25 of January

david ortiz

David Ortiz Big Papi first hit the Baseball Hall of Fame. This year, only Big Papi was able to pass this percentage threshold with 77.9% of the vote. It is a little bit more than the needed ones to be admitted. Everyone knows the man as the Boston Red Sox slugger. 

Such popular players as Barry Bonds and the legendary Roger Clemens couldn`t get the necessary votes. From this point, they won’t show up on the ballot in the coming years.

But there were those who were against the inclusion of Ortiz in the Hall of Fame. They argued that Ortiz spent most of his career as the designated hitter, which is only 4-5 bats per game and that’s it, no defensive play. We especially think that many simply were afraid of him.

And what do you think about the decision? Have you ever heard about the man? Let us know in the comments below!

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