Deebo Samuel Was Chilling in the Club and Shut Down the Idea To Return to #49ers

deebo samuel #49ers

During the party in the night club, Deebo Samuel shut down the idea of staying in San Francisco. The video on the net reflects bottle girls bringing out a sign that read, Deebo is staying #49ers. However, the man did a special gesture that Niners fans are going to hate.

Then the camera pans around Samuel, who is smiling and running his fingers over his chin, sending a clear message that he disagrees with the message on the sign. It is not known if the man joked. The future of the dynamic receiver’s in this team remains up in the air.

deebo samuel about staying in #49ers

Last week, Samuel shared with the media that he had asked the 49ers to trade him. The important moment, Samuel didn’t give a reason for asking the trade. It is unknown if they will trade.

Samuel is not happy with the number of wins he has as a utility player. The man doesn’t like the way he is being used by the 49ers. It really looks like Samuel just wants to reduce his win count.

It is not the only reason he wants to leave San Francisco, but it seems to be the main one at the moment. Recently, Samuel 49ers told fans he wasn’t going anywhere, but now it looks like something has changed his mind.

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