Dennis Rodman Donated Money and Arranged a Dance Floor Near a Strip Club

dennis rodman nightclub

Former basketballer and legendary NBA player Dennis Rodman visited a nightclub in Florida this week. Going out into the street, the man stopped to talk to his fans. The whole time the conversation took was nearly 20 minutes.

The athlete suddenly handed $500 to the woman in a wheelchair. Then the 5-time NBA champion gave the same sum to another woman who accidentally became a witness to the happened.

Rodman also was dancing in the night street. The woman couldn’t even find the words to thank the celebrity. She shook his hand and was just out of her mind from the happiness.

The other man’s fans received the T-Shirts from the athlete. Rodman sang all over near his private tourist bus. This kind of kindness does not add up in any way with the well-known aggressiveness of a man in battle and a tough fight in defense. However, don’t stop man!

And what can you say about the news? Would you like to appear near the club at that moment? Let us know in the comments below!

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