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Discover a Menu for Flights by United Airlines That Will Offer Hard Seltzers White Claw

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Now, when the pandemic period is practically over and people are gradually continuing traveling, United Airlines recently released a new menu for the flights. It includes Hard Seltzers White Claw.

The updated menu is going to officially appear on June 1. For those whose flights last more than two hours, United Airlines will offer a wide variety of White Claw flavors, as well as beer and wine. But alcoholic drinks will be available for those passengers who already turned 21 years old. What’s more, on June 15, the company will also reveal a new menu with snacks, such as boxes with crisps and salsa for 1,500 miles flights duration of which are two hours.

The updated options for the menu for flights will be possible for purchase with a help of United Airlines contactless payment. After saving your personal information to your digital wallet, you can easily pay for items just by entering your name and seat number.

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