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Discover a Video Where Ryan Reynolds Reveals the Recipe of the Aviation Gin in a Funny Way

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Recently special for Father’s Day,  Ryan Reynolds shared in a lovely joking manner how to make his Aviation Gin. And even after he sold Aviation Gin, owned by him once, he still continues to actively promote the brand. The latest advertisement from Aviation Gin arrived as a short video tutorial to create what Ryan Reynolds calls himself a “vasectomy.”

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In familiar to everyone Reynolds’ comedy style, the Canadian actor demonstrates every single step. Firstly, he puts in a tall glass of ice 1 ounce of cranberry juice, adding 3 ounces of tonic. Then he pours some lemon juice, and finally 1.5 ounces of American gin. The clue ingredient is added at the end, half a glass of gin.

The funny commercial contains hilarious mistakes and sarcastic comments concerning Reynolds’s own fatherhood.
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