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Should Vermouth Be Chilled after Opening – Read Below on How to Tell If Vermouth Is Bad

Complete Guide to Vermouth Storage for You

Not everyone knows what vermouth is, but many have probably tried martini. By analogy with the copier and diaper, the famous Italian brand has become synonymous with a whole class of drinks. Today, more and more different vermouth appear on the market. The revival owes much to the bar industry and the return of classic cocktail fashion. But few people know how to store vermouth correctly.

Vermouth is a flavored wine with a strength of 14.5-22% vermouth alcohol percentage, in which the wine content must be at least 75%. The wine is fortified with grape or neutral alcohol and flavored with various herbs, roots, flowers, and bark. An essential ingredient is wormwood and its relatives from the genus Artemis, which gives vermouth their characteristic bitter taste. The name vermouth comes from the German wermut – “wormwood”. Previously, it was believed that thujone contained in wormwood tinctures (primarily absinthe) causes hallucinations. This myth, however, has long been dispelled by scientific research.

Let’s figure out how long vermouth can be stored and what conditions it is desirable to observe.

How Long Does Vermouth Keep?

To determine the shelf life of unopened vermouth, let’s look at the manufacturer’s recommendations. It indicates the guaranteed storage period (that is, the time during which the alcohol must retain its taste and aroma properties) – five years. At the same time, there is a postscript: if after this period there is no sediment in the bottle, and the drink has not become cloudy, it can be consumed.

Should Vermouth Be Refrigerated after Opening?

Should Vermouth Be Refrigerated after Opening?

Having figured out how much vermouth can be stored in a closed bottle, the question arises, what to do with unfinished alcohol. The good news: you don’t need to finish drinking it urgently, you can put it aside until some special event or just a romantic evening.

All drinks of this brand are stable products because they do not use chemical additives that can decompose quickly. In addition, alcohol is not pasteurized, which also increases the shelf life and shelf life.

  • With all these advantages, it is important to remember: an open bottle requires specific conditions. Depending on whether there is a backlight in the place of its storage, what is the ambient temperature, the shelf life of open vermouth may vary.

Storing Vermouth

  • It is better not to leave this drink on the kitchen table: the high temperature and changes in humidity will not do it well, and the smells of cooking borscht or roast will spoil the delicate aroma of vermouth.
  • On the backlit bar shelf, the opened container can be left for a couple of weeks or a month, it is not necessary longer, a precipitate may form.
  • In a darkened pantry without a cooling system (or simply in a room without light, where the room temperature is maintained), the “lifetime” of vermouth is about three months.
  • For the longest time, you can store the opened drink in the refrigerator, so it does vermouth expire up to six months.

Can Vermouth Be Stored in a Plastic Bottle?

If the “native” container is cracked or broken, you can pour the drink into plastic. In this case, it is better to forget about long-term storage, because plastic containers allow air to pass through, and the contents may acquire an unpleasant aftertaste or absorb foreign odors. And then you will understand how to tell if vermouth is bad from the good.

  • The shelf life of vermouth in plastic is reduced! It is better to use it for cocktails without leaving it for a long time.

Alcohol can retain its taste for about a month. For this, it is worth remembering a few rules.

Choose your container carefully. Containers without HDPE or PET markings are not suitable (they are indicated on the bottle with letters or numbers 1, 2 in a triangle). If numbers 3 or more are written in the triangle, set aside such a container. It can react with alcohol.

Thoroughly wash the plastic with warm water, dry it and fill it with iodine solution (1 ml for 2-2.5 liters of cold water) for an hour. Such disinfection will keep the properties of vermouth longer.

Check that the plastic has no foreign odors, and then you will not think about does vermouth goes bad.

Pour the vermouth into a new container, try to fill it almost completely, without adding a couple of centimeters to the edge of the neck.

Close the lid tightly and refrigerate vermouth or place in a cool, dark place. This will preserve the taste of the drink for three to four weeks. If you store a plastic bottle of vermouth in a kitchen or outdoor bar, the vermouth storage period is reduced to a week.

How to Store This Alcohol Properly?

How to Store This Alcohol Properly?
  1. If you bought a bottle of vermouth for the occasion and want to put it off until better times and asked yourself the question of how long does vermouth lasts, then you should take care of creating the conditions for this alcohol. The best option is a dry and fairly dark room, such as a pantry. It can be stored on a shelf in a closet, but on a window or in direct sunlight – not worth it, the drink will become cloudy.
  1. The manufacturer recommends choosing a place without foreign odors, but with natural ventilation. The optimum humidity level is up to 75-85%, and the temperature range is from +5 to +25 degrees.
  1. The shelf life of pink and red vermouth unopened in the refrigerator coincides with the warranty and even exceeds it. Does vermouth need to be refrigerated? A refrigerator door or bottom shelf is a good option for storage: the temperature is maintained, the humidity level is maintained, and sunlight does not fall on the bottle. At the same time, make sure that there are no products with a strong odor in the refrigerator that can “share” them with the contents of the container.

I am glad that the shelf life of a martini is practically unlimited if the bottle is closed (although the warranty period, during which the drink necessarily retains its properties, is 5 years), so you have learned how long does sweet vermouth last. In total, there are about seven main types of drink:

  • Bitter is deep ruby-colored vermouth. Differs in the perfect combination of sweetness and bitterness. This drink is based on alcohol.
  • Extra Dry is one of the strongest types of martini. It contains raspberries, toffee, and lemon, which gives the drink a unique light taste.
  • Rosato – pink vermouth. An excellent combination of red and white wine in one bottle. The shelf life of the unopened martini is unlimited.
  • Rosso is red vermouth with caramel. A distinctive feature is a pleasant bitterness.
  • Fiero is red vermouth that contains orange and some Mediterranean citrus fruits.
  • Bianco is spicy white vermouth. A distinctive feature is the aroma of vanilla.
  • D-Oro is dry white vermouth. A pleasant taste is provided by a combination of sweet caramel and sour citrus fruits.

Different types of martinis are popular in each country.

Basic Styles Vermouth

There are two classic styles of vermouth – dry and sweet. Red sweet is traditionally called Italian, although today it is found in the range of all manufacturers. Red vermouth – rich, full-bodied, aromatic. The bitterness in it is perfectly balanced with sweetness. Italian vermouth tends to be slightly more bitter, while Spanish red vermouth is more fruity and sweeter.

White dry vermouth belongs to the French style. It is lighter, with a pronounced bitterness. It is usually consumed as an aperitif.

Today, you can find other types of vermouth: pink, gold, amber, ruby ​​… Manufacturers are trying to raise consumer interest in the drink that has lost its popularity.
Now you have learned how long does dry vermouth lasts, as well as a lot of other useful things for yourself, thanks to the information that we have prepared with the team for you.

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