NFL Quarterback Haskins Died in the 25th Year of Life, He Was Hit by a Truck

dwayne haskins died

American football player, quarterback of the NFL club Pittsburgh Steelers Dwayne Haskins got in an accident. A 24-year-old athlete was hit by a dump truck as he was walking on a highway in South Florida. The man died on the spot.

Florida police are exploring this tragic incident. There is no official information if the truck driver broke the rules of the road. Haskins died at the age of 24 on Sunday morning.

To remind you, the athlete was selected by Washington in the 2019 NFL Draft with the 15th pick. The first season was unsuccessful for the sportsman, he got a serious injury. Then Washington decided to break down with the player, so he moved to Pittsburgh. The man didn’t play last season, in general, he had 13 games in the NFL.

Florida police are investigating the tragic incident. It is not yet known whether the truck driver violated the rules of the road.

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