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Ed Hardy Created a New Collection With the Great Clothing Brand Unknown

Ed Hardy Collection

The American popular artist and tattoo master Ed Hardy teamed up with the brand Unknown to present their common, especially to Hardy`s anniversary collection. Just to remind, Hardy was the first who fashioned tattoos in 2002 and described them as pieces of art. All his works are out of time and the interesting fact is that the man always draws on Japanese tattoo aesthetics.

The collection includes different jackets, jeans, T-Shirts, accessories, just streetwear. The label is known for its special sweatsuits with rhinestones. The popular model and stylist Bloody Osiris was very interested in its development, so the man decided to support it.

Clothing Brand Unknown collab

Technology and Y2K made a huge impact on fashion in the early 2000s. The shiny blacks and reflective metallic elements were everywhere. The classic men’s outfit was a leather jacket, dress shirt, and thick-soled shoes. Which once again proves that fashion is cyclical.

The line became available to purchase on December 12 and was sold out in just two minutes. Drop#2 will be presented on December 26. We highly recommend not to delay and order some items if you are a fan of the owners. You will definitely like the clothing if you miss the era of Y2K. How do you treat the fashion of that time?

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