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Edward Scissorhand Has a Son – and That’s Timothy Chalamet. Cadillac Ad Shown at the Super Bowl Became an Internet Hit

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Traditionally, the Super Bowl (the final championship game of the U.S. NFL) is watched not only because of the sport: between the game the best musicians perform with the most spectacular shows, and brands prepare special commercials – airtime during the match costs an enormous amount of money, but the investment is justified by the number of viewers.

What Is It All About?

The new commercial presented and automobile brand Cadillac. It is stylized as a sequel to the cult 1990 film “Edward Scissorhand” directed by Tim Burton, but the character of Johnny Depp is not in it. But there is his son, played by Timothy Chalamet. Winona Ryder, who starred Edward’s lover in the original film, also starred in the video – she is now the mother of Edward Jr.

In the story, Edward Jr. faces the same adversity as his father. He can’t go a day without screwing up or puncturing something. However, things are looking up: Ryder notices how happy her son is when he plays car racing in his VR glasses. She sees that Edward Jr. can drive a car without messing anything up, so she gives him a Cadillac Lyric with autopilot function.

Advertisement of the Year?

Overnight the clip was viewed almost 800 thousand times on YouTube, and the photo of Timothy Chalamet, one of the most popular young actors, Oscar nominee and the star of the film “Call Me Your Name” in the image of Edward Scissorhand was streaming in the social networks.

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