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Effective Stretching Exercises for Men

full body stretching for men

Stretching routine for men is an indispensable part of the training that allows you to qualitatively prepare the muscles for work, thereby reducing the risk of injury. Moreover, even if there are no loads, men’s stretching exercises allow you to strengthen muscles, making the body slimmer and more graceful.

Here are simple stretch exercises for men that will revitalize the whole body. Stretching is highly recommended not only after strength training but also at least once a week for 20-30 minutes in any lifestyle.

Stretch Exercises for Men in a Standing Position

Among other things, men stretching promotes healthy joints. Since cartilage tissue and joints are not supplied with blood, the only way to get nutrients to them is to do a series of exercises. Regular exercise maintains the overall mobility of the limbs and also prolongs the “youthfulness” of the spinal column.

The suggested exercises are universal, so they are suitable for both men and women. If you do stretching not after a workout, we recommend starting the training with joint exercises.

The Neck Bends to the Side

Why: The neck warm-up helps stimulate blood flow to the brain and relaxes the cervical spine, which is especially important for people with a sedentary, inactive lifestyle.

How to do it: Tilt your head to the right and stay in this position; help yourself slightly with your hand and strengthening the stretching of the neck muscles. Take your time and avoid any sudden movements. Then repeat on the other side.

Neck Bends Forward

Why: Another element for stretching the cervical muscles and the corresponding section of the spine. The exercise also helps to improve blood flow to the brain and relieves the pain syndrome.

How to do it: Gently tilt your head forward, helping yourself by the pressure of both palms on the back of the head. Take care of the onset of pain, avoiding it in the process. Avoid sudden tilts.

Leans to the Side

Why: This is a classic school warm-up element aimed at stretching the broadest muscles, as well as the lateral parts of the body.

How to do it: Raise arm up and bend to the opposite side while exhaling. Hold yourself in this position without leaning your body forward.

Stretching the Shoulder

Why: This is a must-have exercise for a daily stretching routine for men at home to prepare your shoulders for training or to relax them after a hard workout.

How to do it: Move your arm out to the side as much as possible, applying extra force with the other hand. Feel the tension in the shoulder muscles.

Hand Flexion

Stretching the Shoulder

Why: This element allows you not only to stretch the wrist joint but also to work the biceps and forearm muscles, which are often neglected by athletes.

How to do it: Extend your arm in front of you, bend it so that the palm is pointing forward. Lightly press it with the other hand to increase tension.

Lunge Forward

Why: This stretching element for men requires preparation but is great for stretching both the back and front part of the thigh.

How to do it: Take a wide step forward, then squat, leaning on the working knee with both hands. You can perform a “1-2-3” rocking motion. Remember to perform on the opposite side.

Lunge to the Side

Why: An indispensable stretching exercise for beginners that focuses on the inner thigh.

How to do it: Spread your legs wider than your shoulder line, then shift your body weight to one leg and squat down. You can increase the tension by pulsating on the count “1-2-3”.

Stretching for Men on the Mat

daily full body stretching routine

A total body stretching routine at home can be done either standing or on a special mat. The list of exercises lying and sitting have a different effect on the joint tissue. After completing stretching, you are guaranteed to feel a burst of energy, improve your mood, and relieve muscle and nervous tension.

Butterfly Pose

Why: Effective exercise for simultaneous stretching of the adductor thigh muscles. Allows you to relax them quickly, or prepare them for physical activity.

How to do it: Bring your feet together with your knees facing away from each other while sitting on a gymnastic mat. By pressing on the knees, gradually increase the tension.

Leaning to One Foot

Why: This is a stretching exercise for men to relieve tension on the biceps femoris, adductor, and calf muscles. Great for stretching the hamstrings.

How to do it: Sit with one leg extended forward and the other bent so that the footrests on the thigh of the extended limb. Bend slightly toward the outstretched leg, trying to grasp the foot or shin. The leg itself is not bent at the knee.


What for: An effective beginner stretching element aimed at stretching the posterior thigh surface, calves, and warming up the ankle joints. Additionally, the lumbar musculature is involved.

How to do it: Stretch both legs forward, pull your toes toward you and grasp them with your hands. Gradually deepen the incline, trying to lie with your belly on your hips without hunching your back.

Leg Extension Lying Down

Why: Stretching the legs allows you to relax your lower limbs, which is especially important for people with standing jobs. Stretches the biceps of the thighs and calves.

How to do it: Lying on your back, stretch one leg up, and pull it up with your hands closer to the body. The second leg is bent at the knee and stands on the floor.

Lying Down and Stretching

Why: The final stretching element for beginners is aimed at relaxing the entire torso. It is recommended to do it every morning when you wake up.

How to do it: Just stretch your torso as much as possible while lying on your back. Try to pull your socks lengthwise to increase the effect on your lower limbs.

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