Rapper Eminem Is Among the Nominees for Inclusion in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

eminem hall of fame

The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has recently revealed the list of nominees for 2022. And it includes Eminem. During his career, the American rapper managed to release 11 studio albums. In 2021, he was recognized as the artist with the most albums with a billion streams on the Spotify platform.

The names of those who will be included in the final list will become known in May. The ceremony itself will take place in the fall of 2022. According to the rules, only an artist whose first official release is at least 25 years old can apply for inclusion in the Hall of Fame. Thus, Eminem, in the very first year after receiving such a right, entered the list of nominees.

In 2021, Jay-Z together with Tina Turner was inducted into the Hall of Fame among other artists.

The finalists are chosen according to the rules by members of a special commission. It includes 1,000 musicians, historians, and figures in the music industry. In addition, when making the final decision, the votes of fans are also taken into account. Anyone will be able to vote for 5 applicants until April 29.

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