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Types of Piercings for Guys and Their Meaning – Read and Find Out Which Popular Piercings for Men

eyebrow piercing men

The most common type of popular piercings for men — wearing earrings, was also known to women of ancient Rome. However, men did not lag behind women in their desire to express their individuality. It so happened historically that earrings were worn by representatives of special, elite castes, for example, warriors, pirates, aristocrats, politicians, Bohemian servants, priestesses. Piercing was not available to ordinary people.

Today male body piercings are a tribute to fashion traditions, as well as an accessory that can tell some facts about the owner of his personal life. Men are free to decorate different parts of their bodies with dumbbells, earrings, tubes. This opportunity is gladly used by representatives of creative professions and people who want to stand out, show individuality:

  • Men who, by piercing different parts of the body, protest against life’s troubles, so they try to cope with problems
  • young people who follow fashion trends
  • representatives of creative professions and bohemians
  • middle-aged men who are afraid to look and do not want to keep up with fashion
  • Men who want to diversify their intimate life.

Where to Get Pierced? Types of Piercings for Guys

To pierce or not to pierce — everyone decides for himself. However, if you do decide to make your appearance more unusual, then you should consider your lifestyle, especially when decorating visible body parts and men’s piercings ideas. If a representative of the creative profession (artists, rock musicians, barbers, etc.) is allowed almost everything, then for models, managers, and civil servants too wide liberties in changing their appearance can have negative consequences on career growth.

According to experts, there is no part of the body that cannot be decorated, but still, there are the most common and traditional places for piercing.

Ear Piercings for Men

mens nose ring

Male ear piercings are so common that they are not even referred to as piercings. Small jewelry (rings, carnations) can be seen in representatives of almost all social strata. What ear do guys get pierced today, ears are pierced in completely different ways; true piercing connoisseurs prefer to insert cylinders of different diameters into the earlobes and anywhere.

There are several different types of ear piercings for guys:

  • Helix — the hole for the earring is made in the upper part of the cartilage or curl of the auricle;
  • Industrial — two holes are connected by one decoration;
  • Tragus — puncture of the tragus (tubercle located at the exit from the ear canal);
  • Classic — the earlobe is pierced.

Many are still interested in which ear do straight guys pierce — the answer to this question is the right ear.

Good to know! The popularity of ear-piercing is also widespread because it heals quickly — no longer than 2 weeks but be prepared for the ear cartilage to heal longer — up to two months.

Nose Piercing Men

nose piercing men

This type of piercing is the most common after ear piercing. Can guys get nose piercings Most often it is used by musicians, representatives of youth subcultures, extreme lovers, etc? The most popular is wearing jewelry in the nostril: small rings or special earrings and also men’s nose stud.

The septum piercing men requires courage and cleanliness — the procedure is painful, and more thorough care is needed. Piercing should be done exclusively in a specialized salon.

The following types of nose piercing are also used:

  • Bridge — a puncture in the bridge of the nose (between the eyebrows or at the level of the eyes);
  • Puncture of the tip of the nose: from the inside to the tip after hanging the men’s nose ring;
  • Austin Bar — horizontal soft tissue puncture of the tip of the nose;
  • Septril — a puncture is made through the opening of the septum to the lower protrusion of the nose;
  • Nasallang — simultaneous horizontal puncture of the septum and both nostrils in the lower part of the nose.

Guys with nose rings are getting a lot of attention among girls.

Before getting a nose piercing, check the qualifications of a specialist, and then learn about male nose piercing meaning.

Eyebrow Piercing Men

Eyebrow Piercing Men

Male eyebrow piercing is less common, you can see such a piercing in men who have already decided to make several other punctures. By the way, according to statistics, if a man makes one pierce, he does not stop there and will definitely do the following and not think about eyebrow piercing meaning.

Eyebrow piercings are considered one of the most painful, taking an average of one month to heal.

Some people are interested in eyebrow piercing for guys which side — whichever side you like.

Male Tongue Piercing and Male Lip Piercing

Tongue piercing men and labret piercing men is one of the most dangerous types of piercings, as they can cause infection. In addition, the sensitivity of these parts of the body makes it the most painful, so few decide on it. A particular inconvenience, as well as a danger, is the piercing of the tongue, where the barbell is inserted.

In such a direction as lip piercing, the male fantasy of customers has gone as far as possible. Lips are pierced in completely different places, however, like a man’s tongue piercing — a puncture can be made anywhere, and the jewelry can be inserted in different ways.

When decorating lips, several puncture options are used:

  • Tunnel in the lip — superficial lip piercing;
  • Lip frenum piercing — a puncture of the inner part of the lip: upper (“smile”) or lower (“anti-smile”);
  • Labret — a puncture below the level of the teeth through the lower lip. Varieties are vertical and horizontal labret.
  • Lip or tongue piercings heal within 30 to 60 days, during the first two weeks there are serious problems with food intake, and it’s not easy to say. Throughout the entire period, the place where the accessory is installed requires special care, forget about hard, cold, and hot food, as well as products with a bright taste — sour, sweet, spicy, you should not drink alcohol. Speech problems last 3-4 days. For such difficulties, a person is rewarded with weight loss, on average, several kilograms can be lost per week.

Male Nipple Piercing

male nipple piercing sensitivity

Male nipple piercings in the past were considered a manifestation of courage and courage. Male nipple piercing healing time up to three months.

Like belly button piercings, nipple piercings are in no way inferior in popularity. It is believed that nipple piercing increases male nipple piercing sensitivity. There are also nipple rings for guys. If you look at history, it becomes clear that nipple piercing was done in ancient times by the tribes of Africa. If everything is simple now when it comes to beauty, then earlier a nipple ring could mean a lot. Ancient Roman residents considered male nipple piercing benefits by doing nipple piercings, thereby showing the rest of the people that this person was rich. It served as a kind of decoration and was an expensive pleasure. After a while, this type of piercing attracted the attention of women, but they did it solely for aesthetic reasons. It used to be thought that after a puncture and male nipple piercing placement, the breast takes on more graceful shapes. It follows from this that nipple piercing is not a new occupation, but now it has become more accessible to society and is most popular among young people. Most often, the decoration is inserted horizontally into the nipple. Much less common are ornaments placed vertically and why do men pierce their nipples. The shape and size are striking in their variety and therefore everyone who wants to get pierced at first may be embarrassed by such an abundance. But on the other hand, this is good, since you can choose what you really like. But before you start, you need to know what is a nipple piercing called.

Genital Piercing Male Types

Male intimate piercings are quite common and varied, punctures are made on the head of the penis, they are vertical and horizontal, there are different types of dick piercings. Customers also order Prince Albert’s puncture — the ring is passed through the urethra and tragus piercing on guys.

And they also perform a puncture of the skin in the area of ​​the frenum or scrotum. The healing period is 30 days and during this period any intimate relationships are strictly prohibited. The main purpose of such piercing is to diversify and enhance the experience during sexual intercourse. But few people are interested in how to pierce your dick.

Exotic Piercing

His type of piercing is not only exotic but also dangerous for the life and health of helix-piercing men. Such services are not provided by ordinary salons, since we are not talking about a simple puncture, but a serious intervention — the implantation of metal plates under the skin, perforation of the soft tissues of the skull is performed to stimulate the brain, in addition, various accessories are installed in the nasal septum, this includes men cartilage piercings.

This type of piercing is very expensive, you must agree that a puncture of the skull is not safe and does not threaten health can not be cheap. In addition, the client should also take care of proper care of the Daith piercing men.

Belly Button Piercing

genital piercing male types

A fairly common type of piercing and male septum piercings, this is primarily due to the fact that the accessory can be hidden under clothing at any time. In addition, male navel piercings are chosen by teenagers who want to experience new sensations. Rings and rods are used as jewelry, but it is recommended to wear a “banana” until complete healing.

Piercing Jewelry

When piercing, completely different objects are used — earrings, tubes, dumbbells. With such a variety, it is necessary with special care to choose accessories, the place where the puncture will be made. Before buying, carefully study the composition of the metal, it must be safe — silver, gold, titanium, the steel used in surgery.

Young people choose non-standard jewelry for men’s face piercings — plugs, silicone expanders, as well as accessories made of wood, stone, or bone. Another original novelty is luminous jewelry made of acrylic or silicone.

A set of jewelry for male piercing can surprise and delight the most sophisticated lady because of the material of manufacture and the shape of the accessories. By the way, the terminology used by piercing masters is no less varied. It is very difficult to understand the special designations of jewelry of different shapes without a special dictionary. People initiated into the field of piercing are a special caste, within which a special vocabulary is used — labrets, stretch marks, skindivers, circulars.

If we talk about new products, it is necessary to mention the earrings made of transparent material. Such piercing is chosen by men who do not want to take off the accessory, but according to the dress code rules, they are not allowed to wear it. Transparent jewelry is used for piercing the ears, lips, and also chosen by athletes.

It is necessary to dwell in more detail on such an ornament as microdermal. Such products consist of two parts. The inner part is implanted under the skin, usually made of titanium, the outer part is most often made of surgical steel. A distinctive feature of such decorations is that they are easily disguised. Titanium piercings are popular among men who work in established organizations and spend their time in nightclubs in the evenings.

Like a tattoo, male piercing involves a balanced decision: before the procedure, you need to weigh the pros and cons. In addition, it should be borne in mind that some piercings leave noticeable, unsightly marks. Experts recommend wearing magnetic clips first. So a person gradually gets used to the additional severity and only then can permanent punctures be made.

Someone is completely indifferent to piercings, while others like to shock the audience. Everyone has the right to a personal opinion and is free to decorate his body as he wants. The main thing is to contact a professional with rich experience and a license, which confirms the qualifications of the master.

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