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Creating the Best Male Eyebrows: Things You Need to Know on How to Do Grooming

the Best Male Eyebrows

Eyebrows create the overall look of your face, so you need to look after them in order not to spoil the overall picture. Alas, not all men think about their eyebrows, although in fact, male eyebrow cut styles can also play an important role in appearance and can even show other people your attitude and neatness. So let’s talk today about the shape of the eyebrows and how to style eyebrows male. Make your eyebrows the envy of men!

Types of Male Eyebrows Shapes

Men’s eyebrow shapes come in several types:

  • wide ー the easiest to correct, since to change their shape you just need to remove excess hairs;
  • thin ー the opposite option, in which it is a little more difficult to correct due to a lack of foundation;
  • accrete ー a common type of eyebrow, which certainly needs to be shaped;
  • even or straight;
  • arc;
  • blown out.

If we compare men and women, then the former has sharper facial features. This is especially noticeable on the eyebrows ー wide, dark, thick, located close to the level of the eyes. When correcting them, one shouldn’t get carried away too much, since unnecessarily thin lines would deprive a man’s face of brutality. And vice versa: if the hairs are too long and shaggy, then the eyebrows look unkempt and sloppy.

Eyebrows for men’s style are natural and casual. The effect should be as if their form was laid by nature itself. Overly subtle lines would lend inappropriate femininity, so it’s important not to overdo it. Also, if you are planning on dyeing your eyebrows, it is important not to overdo it. For women, it can look quite beautiful and natural (especially if not very thick eyebrows), but if you overdo it on men, it would look unnatural. So it is essential to maintain a light natural color and density here.

Do You Need Male Eyebrow Styles?

male eyebrow styles

Any person, no matter a woman or a man, needs to take care of himself and his appearance. When meeting and communicating, everyone, first, looks at the face of the interlocutor. Sloppy and tousled eyebrows won’t make a good impression. Many men are convinced that only celebrities and TV presenters should think about their appearance. This isn’t entirely true, since, in the modern world, it doesn’t hurt to look good for both the head of the department and the ordinary employee to achieve success.

Men with neat eyebrows are more popular with women than individuals with unkempt faces. Competent processing of the line above the eyes would give the look depth and brightness, making them expressive and memorable. If the description of the benefits of creating an eyebrow style for men has already impressed you, and you decided to take care of your eyebrows, don’t rush to immediately grab the tweezers and pluck them. Often, it is enough to comb the tangled hairs a little, shorten the hairs that are too long and stand out and smooth them with gel. If you aren’t sure that you can make the best male eyebrows on your own, in the beauty salon you would find a specialist who would help you.

How to Choose Correct Eyebrow Styles for Men?

To choose the right shape from all kinds of eyebrow styles for men, it isn’t enough to take into account only the type of the guy’s face. It is very important to take into account all the features, physiognomy features. Correctly carried out correction makes it possible not only to make the appearance, as well as the whole image, perfect but also to hide some flaws.

Initially, it is almost impossible for a man to decide the shape of his eyebrows on his own. It is better to carry out the procedure for the first time in a barbershop. Here you would be helped, with the help of the beautiful shape of the hairs above the eyes, to get rid of the “thickets”, correct the wide forehead, long nose, visually open the eyes (if they are small), well, and choose the appropriate male eyebrow designs.

If you still plan to do it yourself, then you need to be extremely careful not to hurt yourself or ruin your eyebrows. For the first few times of creating guy eyebrow shapes, you need to do everything slowly and little by little. Monitor the full situation and the big picture after each step taken. This would make it easier for you to figure out what else you need to tweak to make your eyebrows look great.

How to Style Men’s Eyebrows?

Now let’s move on to the main factors of eyebrow styles for males. You can do this yourself daily or before going out. By using this you would be sure that your eyebrows look perfect.

Light Trim

how to style men's eyebrows

Comb your eyebrows upward with a special comb or an old toothbrush. Using scissors with short, thin blades, remove about a millimeter of length. Then comb the brows back down in their natural direction of growth. Check the result in the mirror. Repeat the procedure periodically when it becomes necessary to put the length back in order.

Remove Excess Hair

eyebrow styles for males

Place your thumb on the area between your eyebrows and remove any hairs that would appear underneath. But don’t get carried away: the gap shouldn’t end up being more than 1.5-2 centimeters in length. Otherwise, you run the risk of making your nose seem more expressive than necessary. It is best to pluck your eyebrows right after showering when the pores are open. Pull the skin lightly and use tweezers. Pluck hairs in the direction they are growing.

Style Your Eyebrows

how to style eyebrows male

For styling, an ordinary transparent gel may be suitable, which simply fixes the hairs and prevents them from looking in different directions. By the way, eyebrow bio fixation is now becoming popular. This would allow you to fix your eyebrows for several weeks without additional intervention. If you want to add color, you can use a special brow mascara for a subtle tint. And if you do decide to tint your eyebrows, then use eyebrow henna or paint, you can find them in any personal care store.

The first time, it can be difficult for you to do everything perfectly and not make mistakes, especially if you do it yourself. So here are some more tips to make your eyebrow design process easier, and tips for extra grooming:

  • buy an individual grooming kit for yourself: tweezers, scissors, brush, trimmer, gel, and more;
  • draw yourself a contour of the shape of the eyebrows with a pencil so that you know where you shouldn’t go;
  • don’t make too sharp movements, especially if you are holding sharp objects in your hands;
  • if you want to add features to your eyebrows, you can cut a small oblique strip near the fold line of the eyebrow (it should be no more than 2-4 mm), which would give brutality;
  • regularly brushing the eyebrow hairs would help keep them in shape, and also stimulate blood flow, which is beneficial for growth and strengthening;
  • apply nourishing and moisturizing oils (castor, olive, burdock is suitable);
  • do a light massage of the eyebrow arches to improve blood circulation, which would also contribute to more active eyebrow hair growth.

We think that now you know exactly all the intricacies of creating eyebrow styles for guys and can select the best option for yourself. We, in turn, will continue to insist on maximum naturalness. Don’t aim for too clear lines and expressive color, otherwise, it won’t look very pretty. When choosing a form, we advise you not to create a new one, but simply correct your own. In this case, your men’s eyebrow styles would look as good as possible. Don’t be afraid to start doing such procedures for yourself now!

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