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Best Facial for Men: Find Out What Are Facials Good For – Recommendations to You

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The men’s facial of the strong half undeservedly remains in the shade. Men’s skin suffers greatly from pollution, perspiration, and hard water. Facials for men are as necessary as daily shaving and washing.

Men’s skin is firmer and denser thanks to 2 natural bonuses – testosterone and collagen. But the effects of tobacco, alcohol, sun, and time take their toll, leaving wrinkles and leaving skin feeling sensitive. A large amount of sebum on the guy facial will cause oily sheen and acne. The daily shaving routine, the use of alcohol lotions, and drying foams, unfortunately, deprive men’s skin of all the benefits.

Men’s facial treatment should start by defining its type. It can be dry skin, oily, normal, or combination skin.

The correct facial for men is not complicated at all and consists of several obligatory manipulations. These simple changes to normal daily routines will help every man to improve the condition of his skin and delay the aging process.

3 Basic Rules to Ensure That Men’s Skin Is Always Well-Groomed

men's facial treatment
  • Best facial for men cleansing in the morning just before shaving, as well as in the evening before bed. In this case, you need to use soap without lauryl sulfates, cleansing anti-inflammatory tonics, or mild moisturizing milk.
  • Moisturize/nourish the skin in the evening.
  • Deep cleaning once a week with a scrub or peeling.

By following all the above recommendations, you will get healthy and radiant skin and understand what are facials good for.

Do Men Get Facials? What Ingredients Do They Use?

Of course yes! When choosing to do facials work cosmetics for men, you need to focus on the condition of the skin and age, and not on the season. In some winters, light moisture is enough, and in the summer, intensive nutrition is needed, while others – on the contrary. Depending on the age, male skin needs different ingredients. In youth, the skin is predominantly oily and suffers from frequent shaving.

For example, extract of turmeric, green tea, olive leaf, aloe, barley malt. Lotions and peels with AHA acids will reduce sebum production and eliminate acne. But it is better not to use such products immediately after shaving, so as not to cause even more irritation and to find out what does a facial do.

Men are lucky to start using anti-aging care later than women. We believe that it is especially important to take care of facial treatment for men after 50 years of age: “The testosterone level by this time is markedly reduced, the skin retains moisture worse, so gravitational ptosis and other signs of aging become more noticeable.” Look for moisturizing and anti-aging ingredients. These are hyaluronic acid, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, an ester of vitamin C (a stable form of this vitamin), peptides.

All about Male Facial

A man begins to age rapidly after 30. Pimples are replaced by dryness and tightness. The first folds are formed under the eyes and around the lips. If at this moment you do not change care and do not think about what is a facial like, then in the next 3-5 years the first irreversible age-related changes will occur.

It always happens suddenly, and you think what does a facial do, somewhere around 35: one morning from the mirror, not so fresh, rested, a promising guy with fast career growth and optimism in his eyes look at you, and a mature tired man of indeterminate age with deep folds around his lip and dark lumps under his eyes. And then you will understand that it would be better than to know how much do facials cost.

The older we get, the more we value time. Youth and health, which do not matter at 20, after 30 begin to be associated with success, strength, high status. At whatever moment you start caring for your skin, you will be ahead of those who have not thought about it yet. What does facial include? Only 5 minutes a day and only 4 simple steps you need after 30 years to remain “James Bond” or “Bruce Willis” at 40, 50, and older: strong, impressive, healthy.

Step 1. Cleansing Without Aggression Men’s Spa Facial

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You need to use the cleanser at least once a day, in the evening. If the skin is oily, then twice: in the morning and the evening.

In the morning, remove excess fat from the skin that has accumulated overnight.

In the evening – to cleanse the skin of city pollution.

If you ignore washing your face, grease and dirt will accumulate, clog pores, cause blackheads and pimples, and leave a sickly grayish tone to the face.

Choose only delicate alcohol-free products for men’s facial treatments: soap or wash gel. In this case, the product should cleanse the pores well. Men tend to have deeper pores than women, and we are better suited for combination up to oily skin. Do not try to use products with a high alcohol content: this will only dry out the skin, accelerate its aging, and also provoke acne.

Step 2. Protection, Hydration, Nutrition Are Facials Beneficial

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After 30 years, the secretion of sebum, a natural means of moisturizing and protecting the skin, is noticeably reduced, and frequent shaving leads to a thinning and increased sensitivity of the skin. And you will ask yourself the question: should I shave before a facial – yes it is!

Another feature of men’s skin is that it does not age in the same way as women’s. Women’s skin gradually loses its elasticity and becomes covered with a mesh of fine wrinkles. Men’s skin is denser and more elastic, wrinkles appear a little later, but they are deeper and more noticeable.

Facial for Men at Home

To stop time, you need to use a face cream: moisturizing, nourishing or anti-aging and asks are facials good for you.

Best facials for men is a moisturizing cream that is used as follows: in the summer – at any time of the day; in winter – either at night or half an hour before leaving the house. It is not recommended going out in the cold with freshly applied moisturizer as it contains a lot of water.

The nourishing cream is used in the summer – at night; in winter – during the day instead of humidification.

Lifehack from cosmetologists: in winter and summer, you can use the same products, you just need to swap them. If in summer you use a moisturizer in the morning and nourishing at night, then in winter it is the opposite. And then you will understand what do they do when you get a facial.

Cream with anti-aging components is used after 30 years at will, after 35 – without fail. Start using without waiting for wrinkles to appear. No cream can turn back the clock: when wrinkles take on clear shapes, only injections can correct them. It’s up to you whether facials are worth it or not.

You can start using the cream gradually. Start once a day, in the morning, after washing your face. If after the evening washing and using the tonic there is a feeling of dryness, then you can use the cream in the evening and after that, you will no longer ask yourself why to get a facial.

Eyelid Care Should I Get a Facial

Yes, as the skin around the eyes is thinner and softer than the skin on the cheeks or chin. This structure of the skin allows you to blink and use facial expressions. The delicate skin around the eyes bears a tremendous burden, and wrinkles appear on it in the first place. In addition, there are no sebaceous glands on it.

A cream for the area around the eyes is a must. You can start an application from 25 years old and earlier if you notice the first wrinkles. Use eye cream as often as your face cream.

Lip Care Do Guys Get Facials

All men who look attractive, though, do it. Think lip balm is not for men? Tell your loved one the next time you try to kiss her with chapped lips.

The skin of the lips does not have sebaceous and sweat glands, and you, perhaps, yourself know what happens to it in the conditions of windy Siberian winters. If you are not fond of “Regular” lip balms, choose purely masculine products without gloss. Moisturize your lips when needed and don’t worry about your reputation.

Can you get a facial with a beard? Yes, the most important thing is the desire to do this.

Step 3. Additional care: peeling

why get a facial

Although this step is called “optional,” this does not mean that it is optional. It’s just not daily.

Peeling or scrubs for facial for men at home are used as follows: for oily skin – twice a week, for dry skin – once a week.

Application scheme: apply to the skin, wait a minute or two, massage, rinse.

A very simple step that takes only 5-10 minutes a week, but increases the effectiveness of all other steps by an order of magnitude. Peels exfoliate dead cells, help the active ingredients of other products penetrate the skin, make the skin smoother, prevent acne and inflammation, and restore a healthy youthful color to your face is a facial good for your skin

Reasons to Get a Facial

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Many people attribute such phenomena as small peeling, sebaceous discharge, a feeling of tightness, and even wrinkles to problem skin. Yes, these factors can be the source of problem skin, but it’s worth understanding more serious manifestations and thinking about doing facials help.

What type of skin is considered problematic? What does facial treatment entail? Any type of epidermis can become problematic – both dry and oily? This type is the surface of the skin that has imperfections.

We recommend that you apply for getting a facial at a spa if you have any of the above.

Remember, the most important thing in skincare is regularity. Even the most magical cream will not do any good if used occasionally.

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