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Famous Amputees: Stars Celebrities

Are you ready to know about celebrities and artist amputees? Read the next list made up by our team right now! You will be shocked! 

TOP-9 List

Frida Kahlo

Soon before her death at age 47, famed Mexican artist Frida Kahlo endured difficulties from a surgery that occurred into an infection. It became so critical that her right leg had to be amputated below the knee. She was crushed by the loss but succeeded to use art and joyfulness to deal with her emotional confusion. She is in our TOP-10 famous amputees in history.

Cole Porter

celebrity amputees

In 1937, the American composer faced a horse-riding accident in New York, which smashed his legs and left him disabled with chronic osteomyelitis. They were capable of saving his legs but he passed through 34 operations and endured colossal pain his entire life, and he eventually had to eliminate the right leg in 1958.

Terry Fox

famous people with one leg

After losing his right leg to cancer, the professional and activist ran over Canada with an artificial limb 3 years later at the age of 22 to raise funds to challenge the illness. Moving further about knowing famous people with prosthetic limbs.

Rick Allen

famous people with one arm

In 1984, the Def Leppard drummer was driving his Corvette in England, when he wasted control on a curve and bumped his car into a stone wall. The collision almost killed him, and ultimately damaged his whole left arm. You may ask why he became celebrity amputees?

Many people would end a drumming profession, but Allen received to play one-armed and has proceeded to tour and record with Leppard.

Tom Whittaker

famous people with prosthetic limbs

In 1979, Tom Whittaker missed his right foot in a car accident. Later the event, he struggled tough to recover his strength and climbing skills. He is the first person with disabilities who performed climbing to the summit of Mount Everest in 1998. Let’s go further to know more famous people with one leg or one arm.

Aron Ralston

famous people with one hand

What about famous people with one arm? You could identify Aron Ralston from the movie “127 Hours.” This enthusiastic outdoorsman made the life-saving settlement to remove part of his arm after being caught under a boulder in 2003. Ralston had to travel through the rest of the valley in Utah to get to help after arranging himself free.

Amy Purdy

When she was 19, Amy lost both of her legs underneath the knee because of bacterial infections. The disease also created septic trauma and organ breakdown in her system. She endured a life-saving operation in 2000 to replace her disabled kidney with one of her father’s. 

Rahm Emanuel

amputee actors of Hollywood

What about famous people with one hand or amputees on their hands? The previous Mayor of Chicago and Chief of Staff for President Obama, Rahm Emanuel lost the vast part of his middle thumb on his right hand. At the age of a teenager, Rahm Emanuel used to work at an Arby’s restaurant. There he got into an accident with a slicer. But rather than going immediately to get medical attention, he went to prom and did some late-night swimming in Lake Michigan. After it, his finger became badly infected.

Olivia Jackson

famous people with prosthetics

Do you know some amputee actors from Hollywood? Oliva Jackson is a trick performer and heroine who appeared in Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Guardians of the Galaxy, and the new Resident Evil movie. She is 34 years old. This woman suffered so many things (coma, injuries, brain bleed, bone missing, and lost arm). Despite all mentioned she continues working like a trick performer and actress.
So, what do you think about our TOP-9 list of famous people with prosthetics and celebrities/artists amputees? Share your thoughts here. Thank you for reading our article till the end! Also, you can write to us your TOP-list of famous people with prosthetic limbs. Read our following articles too!

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