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Finally, It Became Known for What We Should Be Prepared for the Forthcoming FIFA 22

The release of the new FIFA 22 is an event every fan of the series had been waiting for. The game developers assure that the game will become a real sensation, so there is reason to say that one of the best parts of FIFA awaits us.

All the previous parts arrived in the fall, so this time FIFA 22 is unlikely to change traditions. However, a delay is also possible because the coronavirus pandemic can seriously shift the release date. According to the data, the new part is worth waiting for on October 1.

FIFA 22 is almost here

The demo will be free and available to FIFA fans from September 15th. It is expected, two demos will be released at once, one for next-gen consoles and one for current-gen consoles and the PC.

The developers carefully worked on the details of the faces (they also added many new players from small teams), the shadows in the stadium, and the fans. The animation will become much more interesting and richer. The designers of FIFA 22 claim that the graphics of the game will reach a new level that will allow users to enjoy the game for a long time.

It is also said that a female commentator will appear in the game. The English version was offered to voice the former Arsenal and England football player Alex Scott. Officially, this should be announced during the presentation. Scott’s professional sports career counts 16 seasons. Today, the British football star works as a sports journalist on TV.

In addition, users found an interesting job on the site. According to the job description, the studio needs a person to play online. After publication, it was immediately removed in order not to disclose the details of the game ahead of time.

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