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Finding Personal Style: How to Make You Look Cool and Stylish at the Same Time

create your own style

Still think about how to create your own style, huh? Well, we can help you. If you ever wondered about finding my style of clothing, this article is exactly for you! You don’t have to go to a stylist for advice to look cool. We know a few secrets for men who know the order in their own wardrobe and also allow a zest in their own image. Finding your fashion style will be easy to do now!

Finding your own style means finding clothes that are comfortable, close in spirit, and lifestyle. In fact, few men follow fashion, and in their wardrobe, you can see different mixes of fashion trends. We advise you to pay attention to idols, media personalities: politicians, athletes, actors. All of them choose clothes under the supervision of personal stylists, and therefore strictly follow fashion.

  • A simple tip that can help you to create your style: browse catalogs, blogs, collections from top designers. Fashion is changeable, new trends appear every season. Therefore, you need to monitor changes and innovations regularly. Observe, mentally try on images for yourself, choose suitable styles.

Here Are Some Tips about How to Create a Style:

finding your fashion style

Start outside the Store

Whichever stylish clothes you choose, you should consider your appearance. Otherwise, there is every chance that it will look, put it mildly, not too harmonious. Therefore, make sure that your hairstyle is always well-groomed, there is an order with a beard or three-day stubble, eyebrows do not stick out in all directions, and dirt is not visible from under the nails. Trips to the gym are no less relevant. Remember that some styles only look great on textured men.

Analysis of the Wardrobe

First, you need to figure out if you have all the components of a basic men’s wardrobe. After that, you should get rid of those outfits that you will no longer wear, because: they are terrible, you have grown thin/fat, you have not worn this outfit for several years. Make sure there are only clothes in the wardrobe. All old magazines, holiday souvenirs, and bad gifts should be hidden in a chest of drawers.

Silhouette Is Important

When buying new clothes for finding your fashion style, you should pay attention to your own silhouette. Sometimes it happens that you really like the thing, but it hangs on you very terribly. In this case, you do not need to buy it.

Your Style Is Your Business Card

At home, of course, we give preference to comfortable clothes in which we would feel as comfortable as possible. But the outfit in which we go out is a kind of business card. People see what you are wearing and can already form their opinion about you.

Combination of Colors Is Smth Important for Finding Your Clothing Style

Remember that all these divisions into male and female colors are no longer relevant. But this does not mean at all that you need to dress from head to toe in pink.

Color accents and bold combinations can be in your look. This will make you stand out from the crowd and feel more confident. But be careful, because sometimes over-focusing can backfire.

Feature in the Image Also Can Help You to Create Your Own Fashion Style

Your way of wearing clothes can tell about you too. For example, a buttoned top button on a shirt indicates a collected, even a little pedantic image. But rolled-up sleeves mean that we have a person in front of us a little cocky, who is ready to break the rules.

How to Create Your Own Fashion Style and Make It Interesting?

finding a style

To create an interesting style your image should also have some features inherent in you. This will allow you to stand out against the background of others, as well as feel as comfortable as possible under any conditions.

Must-Have Wardrobe Items That You Need to Have to Create Your Own Style:

  • classic suit for formal events;
  • a snow-white shirt to match any outfit;
  • several T-shirts;
  • non-marking skinny jeans without decor and scuffs;

During creating your own style, in the absence of experience and a competent assistant, mistakes cannot be avoided. Not all sellers are competent, so you should not rely on their help. If you are not sure about your own taste, invite friends to help with fitting. Also, remember the TOP 10 mistakes that men often make in finding a style:

  • Tie for a short-sleeved shirt.
  • Short tie. Remember that this accessory should be as long as the middle of the belt buckle.
  • A sloppy collar button behind a tie.
  • Short trousers.
  • Belt with suspenders.
  • Shoes and belts in different materials, colors, or textures.
  • Wrong selection of shoes. Wear loafers and sneakers with jeans and only classic shoes for a business suit. Not the other way around!
  • Ignoring the color of the socks. Their shade must necessarily match trousers or shoes.
  • Long blazer buttoned up.
  • Jacket with too long or short sleeves. Make sure that the shirt peeks out 1-2 cm, no more.

Most Popular Styles That You Can Choose to Create Your Own Clothing Style:

Casual will help to assemble a universal fashionable wardrobe with a combination of different directions. This style is a kind of propaganda of freedom from the strict framework of fashion. Choose a smart yet simple, comfortable look for your day out. Complete your closet with formal work suits.

Not only professional athletes like sports style. You don’t have to sign up for a gym or go for a run. Recently, this trend has been loved by all men who value simplicity and convenience. The main differences of this fashion: sports shoes, knitted clothes.

Business and entrepreneurial people appreciate the office style. The clothes are as restrained as possible, elegant, of high quality. Classic suit, shirt or shirt, boots, tie. Everything is in pastel colors.
We are sure that after reading our article you will exactly know how to create a personal style in the right way! So get the pleasure to take this knowledge for your future lifestyle!

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