Ford Releases Open-Source Files for 3D-Printing Maverick Accessories

ford releases 3d printing accessories

The American automobile company Ford finally produces its FITS 3D CAD files for Maverick accessories printing. It is the special slot for the receiver in which accessories are inserted. The company provides a common entrance to its Ford Integrated Tether System. The rumors about the release of the files have been around for a long time, but now the company announced it officially.

ford 3d accessories

Due to the special access, the owners of the Ford Maverick 2022 can show their imagination and make their own 3D-printed accessories that can be slid into the FITS slots. The files are for the truck-side geometry, so you don’t have to measure everything by hand.

A lot of creatures can be made by those who have the wherewithal and resources. Even in the refusal of the official files many people could develop and sell their accessories and 3D files.

ford releases 3d accessories

Besides the creation of the accessories the company proposes you purchase the FITS accessory package. It features a glass-holder, storage box, several under-seat storage dividers, and a phone cord organizer.

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