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How to Sexually Arouse a Woman in Bed: Types of Foreplay! Check Out Our Sex Tips for Men

what is foreplay

What Is Foreplay?

In short, foreplay is a sexual activity just before penetration. However, penetration is not always the end goal, sometimes it is not even on the menu because good foreplay can be enough to satisfy both partners.

Foreplay talks are important for many reasons and shouldn’t be missed. Foreplay creates close intimacy, and during this time partners feel connected. They activate oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin, which in turn lowers cortisol (stress hormone) levels and causes feelings of euphoria.

Men, as a rule, devote little time to foreplay before sex and do it exclusively for their woman and her pleasure. They get little pleasure from the process and treat this part of sex as a duty, which must be performed valiantly so that later they will be pleased. They don’t see the value of foreplay in lovemaking — all these foreplaying techniques of biting, sucking, stroking — although women often want to.

The roots of this problem lie in fear, as absurd as it sounds. Many men are afraid that their erection will drop. This thought prevents them from relaxing and enjoying sexual foreplay to the fullest. It seems to them that the “quality” of intercourse is assessed by the duration of their erection. Needless to say, this judgment is extremely erroneous? The irony is that if you please a woman in other ways, she won’t bother with an erection.

What to do? How can a man get pleasure and give a woman the same? If both know that they will have a second round a little later, you can start directly with the “main course” and do advanced foreplay between the two runs. In this case, both partners will receive satisfaction, and the man will be able to enjoy foreplay without fear that he will “fall”. There are many benefits to this approach to sex. It’s so nice to get rid of tension, kiss, and languish in each other’s arms, gradually getting inflamed for the second, third time.

Foreplay Ideas – TOP-11

foreplay sex

Dirty Talk

Talking about how you want a partner will turn both of you on. It can be something simple “You turn me on like that”, or you can explain step by step (whisper in your ear) what and how you want to do with your partner: “First, I will unbutton your shirt, run my fingers over your skin…”

Ice Cubes

It would seem that this cold object has been forgotten in a tense environment, but playing with temperature is worth practicing at least once in your life. You can warm up your partner, and then run your lips along the neck, collarbones, inner thighs, in which you are holding an ice cube.

Don’t Kiss

Better kissing foreplay can only be the expectation of a kiss when you see your partner slowly leaning towards you, and everything inside you clings to meet you. So how about prolonging this sweet moment by reaching out for a kiss and not kissing? On air for two, the phantom feeling of someone else’s lips on their own and the stunning scent of a partner that makes you dizzy. It will inflame both of you and make the usual kiss a welcome event.


Who doesn’t like a massage? It’s nice, but if you add a dash of intimacy, massage can be your favorite sexual practice. It can be a massage of the back, head, arms, legs — the details are at your discretion and according to foreplay ideas for both.

A Bit of a Surprise

If you love having sex in the dark, light the candles. Or make a sex playlist with your partner if you’ve never done it before. Couples advise soul and RnB, this is just a note.

Look at Others

No, the article does not encourage you to go voyeuristic, but watching an erotic movie together can be the same refreshing rough foreplay practice that you and your partner never thought of. And, the most obvious thing to do when watching erotica is to be inspired by it and embody some moments in your sex life.

Read It

If the sight of other people’s bodies does not turn you on with your partner, try reading erotic literature. Advice: often “the most juice” can be found not on bookshelves, but on the Internet, on amateur sites.


Sex + text, in other words, intimate correspondence. Sometimes types of foreplay can start long before you see your partner. It could be a hot photo or a teasing message about how much you want to meet soon, or what you’re wearing.


Hot foreplay can be varied with various games, for example, you can kiss your partner everywhere, but your partner cannot move or try to respond to the caress, otherwise … You can think of punishment together, but it should be such that both the punisher and the punished person enjoy it.

He Who Seeks Will Find

Another game in which you blindfold your partner and caress him everywhere, even where you usually don’t, and the partner says whether he is hot or cold. You change, and your partner does the same to you. This game will help to identify erogenous zones that people did not even know about before. Be sure to try it: all of a sudden, you had no idea how biting on the back of the neck got you.


Take a relaxing bath and sit in with your partner. Caress each other, as you always do, and the water will do all the work for you: thanks to the different density, the touch will feel at least unusual, and at the most amazing. Candles can be lit for sensual foreplay to create the atmosphere.

Creation of a “Yes / No / Possibly” sheet. Sexual intercourse is the time when a person is most vulnerable, and therefore you always need to be sure that your partner likes what you are doing. The list can include everything from toys to BDSM and third parties in your bed, and you and your partner will voice that from this “Definitely yes!”, “Not!” and “We need to think.” Foreplay is not boring. If you didn’t have enough desire for it before, it’s time to start, because this can become your favorite sexual practice, you just need to approach this issue with a little creativity. This foreplay guide is sure to help you improve your sex life.

Sex Tips for Men

foreplay ideas

We give men some fun tips that they can check for themselves. It is sometimes difficult for men to understand women, negotiate with them and achieve their goal, but perhaps the foreplay tips listed below will help you in this difficult matter.

Use affirmations to voice your desires

Women, by their very nature, tend to doubt. Beautiful, indecisive people can give up the most enjoyable activity in the world just because doubt arises in their heads. So try replacing the question with a statement.

For example, “Honey, are you going to wear my favorite negligee for me today?” to “Darling, put me on this adorable negligee. You are just great at this! “

Of course, it is worth clarifying here that such a tactic can be used on “harmless” proposals. You definitely shouldn’t say “today we have anal sex” or “today we have a threesome”.

Although here you can turn the situation in your favor: “Honey, I’ve always dreamed of trying something new with you. How about an experiment with the three of us, and you can choose your partner. “You should receive a specific answer to a specific request.

Use her body as a solid erogenous map

Men often forget that a woman loves subtlety. Sometimes a woman can be pleased with her tongue caressing her ear, stroking her shoulders, or stimulating the clitoris foreplay.

A woman finds her pleasure, and to truly satisfy a woman, you need to find out, find exactly how to please her.

Don’t be a marketer in bed

It is just as important for men to know if their woman got pleasure, that as soon as sex ends, the man knocks down the woman with questions: “Was it good for you?” how to foreplay, did you like it? It is unnecessary to ask this immediately after the case.

A man should see and understand this himself, if a woman lay like a dummy and never once uttered a loud sigh or moan, then what kind of pleasure can we talk about?

You should not ask, in principle, questions head-on: “Was it good for you? I’m fine fellow?” If you do want to know if you did everything right in bed, approach from afar, for example, asking which of the poses she liked more or would she like the man to use this or that technique next time.

Know how to track your woman’s reaction

As mentioned in the previous tips, it is better to use an affirmative tone with a woman and not ask annoying questions during foreplay sex.

Another technique allows you to hear the truth from a woman by first saying an affirmative remark to yourself, for example: “I felt so good today. It was a great night. “

The woman will answer something because they have such a nature — to fend off any remark. And then she can either confirm your words or add her comments.

This will be your woman’s reaction to your words. So it is with actions. Start kissing, start trying new foreplay positions, and your woman will answer you either with her desire or unwillingness.

But actions are, at times, much more honest than words.

Give her an erotic massage

As a warm-up before the main event, start massaging her legs from thighs to ankles with foreplay orgasms. Then focus on your feet, bending your heels and toes — bonus points if you also suck each one at the end.

Ask what turns her on

Just walk up and ask what she likes during sex, even if you think you know everything. Most women appreciate men who want to be satisfied. If your friend notices that you are trying your best to please her, she will likely respond in kind during intense foreplay.
Now, thanks to our information, you know how to sexually arouse a woman in bed, and we are sure that our article with foreplay tips for women will help you.

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