Formula 1 Will Arrive in Las Vegas in 2023, the Event Will Coincide With Thanksgiving

Formula 1 2023

The rumors appeared on the Internet that Formula 1 will arrive in Las Vegas in 2023. The event will coincide with Thanksgiving Weekend. The news about Grand Prix is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

The legendary race usually takes place in Austin, and another race will arrive in Miami and is scheduled for this May. The Grand Prix in Las Vegas will be the third one and may be a new flagship race in the United States. The last time the race took place in Vegas was back in 1982. Then the event was held at the Caesars Palace parking lot.

The forthcoming race is expected to be held on the streets of the Las Vegas Strip. They want to turn the pedestrian bridges over the roads into viewing points. In such a way the organizers want to decrease the demand to install extra platforms for fans.

In Formula 1 CEO’s opinion, there is a high possibility that the event will relocate to China in the near future.

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