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Masturbation with Food and Vegetables: Attention! What Shouldn’t Be Done

Masturbation with Food and Vegetables

Read on for how to indulge yourself with fruit masturbation. Bananas were often used to depict the penis in rude jokes. The phallic shape lends itself to comparison and is often much larger than a man’s real penis. Until recently, the link between sex and fruit ended there.

The enterprising young men decided they needed something new to wrap around their penis while jerking off. Someone grabbed a banana peel and a new viral sex trend was born. It became so popular and spread so quickly on the Internet that major publications such as the New York Post were forced to write articles about it.

Masturbation with food is a pleasure that few people know, but those who are engaged in self-satisfaction come to experiment with improvised means. Food and surroundings are great for enjoying alone.

What Can Guys Use to Masturbate?

What Can Guys Use to Masturbate?

For many people, masturbation is something they don’t want to talk about often. However, this is not so bad. Many people have different ways to masturbate with food, some of them right and some of them wrong. If you don’t know how to do it, it can get monotonous, leaving you unsatisfied. It’s also important to note that there are many things you can masturbate with that shouldn’t get inside.

How to Masturbate with a Banana?

How to Masturbate with a Banana?

Masturbating with a banana is very simple. Peel the banana (you can eat it later), put the peel on your dick and start mastrubating as you normally would. Banana slime is a good lubricant. The peel can be heated in the microwave for a new sensation. You can get better results if you reach the fruit through a single hole in the peel, then insert your penis into that hole. And this is how you have sex with a banana.

Here’s another “how to fuck a banana” method that suggests not squeezing out all the sweet pulp. The tip of the fruit is removed, along with a small portion of the pulp. With an erect penis, they slowly rub the contents of the banana against the walls of the peel. The penis would be smeared in banana gruel, which would make the sensations even more pleasant. Stunning orgasm is on its way and the male masturbation banana is ready!


Take a large orange, carefully cut through the hole to fit your penis. Wrap it in a plastic bag (so as not to splatter), and leave in it a hole for the penis. Fasten it between the mattress and the springs. You can start. It creates a lot of fuss, but at least it smells like oranges.

Watermelon Masturbation

Not only do bakery products bring joy to the stronger sex. You can get a lot of sweet sensations with the help of such “summer delicacies” as sex with watermelon. A dense and strong product is selected. A hole is made in the pulp the size of the penis. It is worth considering both the thickness and the length of the genital organ before you start. The wet inside of the “kavunchik” looks like a first-class blowjob. In order to avoid cuts and micro-injuries, it is necessary to use the “berry” only with smooth skin. Now you know how to fuck a watermelon.

Sex with Melon

Cantaloupe masturbation is popular with men who are experimenting with masturbation with food. A hole is made in the fragrant yellow melon along the width and length of the penis. The fruit is slightly heated in the microwave until warm. Then the member “copulates” with the melon, and the guy smiles blissfully while enjoying cantaloupe sex.

A Pineapple

Pineapple Rings: Here are some things you can try. The pineapple rings already have a hole in the middle, so half of the work is already done for you. Then you place your penis in as many rings as you want and push it back and forth. After you have destroyed what is left of the pineapple, you have sufficiently glazed your stem. It’s like a scented lubricant, only better.

When it comes to sex with food, the options are almost endless if you put safety first. Avoid chilli peppers, lemons, or other irritating foods, and don’t use anything you are sensitive or allergic to.

Vegetables Masturbation

Vegetables Masturbation

Cool Cucumber

Take a large cucumber. Cut off the top at a distance of 5 cm. Using a small spoon or knife, remove the pulp from it to a depth matching the length of your member. The hole should not be wider than the diameter of your penis. When the groove is ready, slide the cucumber over your penis. It should fit snugly. The inside of the cucumber provides good lubrication. Masturbate by moving the cucumber up and down along the trunk.

Warm Cucumber

Peel the cucumber as described above and cook or microwave it to soften. Leave in cold water for a few minutes and then reheat it under hot tap water. Dry it, punch the air out at the other end, wrap it with duct tape to stiffen it, brush with lubricant (if you like) and enjoy. To bring yourself into ecstasy, you can rotate the cucumber between your palms.


Take a large zucchini or cucumber (they have different structures, try both) about 20 cm long and 5 cm in diameter. Cut the stalk. Microwaving it for a minute or two to soften the insides. Remove the pulp with a knife without damaging. When it cools down, try it on for size. Apply lubricant you don’t need a lot of it, because the natural liquid helps. Squeeze and unclench the vegetable alternately during the act. This creates a sucking effect there is nowhere for the air to escape.

A Tomato

A tomato lying in the refrigerator is also used for intimate purposes by men. In an unripe tomato, a through-hole is made, and the fruit is strung on a hard penis. You need to act carefully so that the tomato does not fall apart in your hands. It is advisable to pick up a large fruit. Sometimes several vegetables are used to achieve orgasm. Interesting sensations are provided. The hole in the tomato expands, and the pulp of the tomato envelops the erect penis.

You Can Also Masturbate With

You Can Also Masturbate With Sausage


Heat 3-4 sausages to body temperature. Do not heat them too much, otherwise, it would not work 30 seconds is enough. Make sure you can hold them in your hand. Insert all warm sausages into the condom. Lubricate your penis and insert it between the sausages. Fuck the whole package. And don’t be afraid, the condom won’t break.

Another way: Cut the sausages in half lengthwise, but not completely, but so that they can roll up and open. Expand them and lubricate the center with lubricant, wrap them around the penis. Sausages can be wrapped in plastic.


Prepare a 4.5-liter zippered plastic bag. Fill it halfway with flour. Add hot water and knead in a sticky dough neither thin nor tight. Close the bag, removing air from it. Flatten it and twist it into a tube. Lubricate the inside of it make sure it is not hot inside and put your cock in there. When the bag is cool, heat it up in the microwave, but always check the temperature.

Another option: do not roll the tube, but insert the penis directly into the dough. You can also use a shatterproof jar or an open plastic bottle. There is more fuss here, but it’s worth it.


Boil the noodles, drain off excess water, and let cool. Make a penis-sized hole in the noodles, which should stick together by this time, and use it to masturbate. Wet noodles give good lubrication. Warning: do not rush, wait for the noodles to cool so as not to burn yourself. 

Plain Water

Even plain water can bring unforgettable pleasure to a man. Warm water is poured into a small bowl. Sitting in a chair (bed, chair), the guy immerses his scrotum in water and masturbates in the usual way. Feelings, with a combination of testicles in warm water and a skillful hand, would be unforgettable.

What Shouldn’t Be Done When Masturbating With Food?

  • During masturbation with the use of food, do not forget about your own safety and vulnerability of the genitals, things to masturbate with men.
  • Do not use unwashed vegetables with a rough surface for intimate games. Any “hooks” and splinters must be sanded down.
  • Don’t use any sharp objects of plant origin. Sticking vegetables and fruits too deep, thereby masturbating with fruit.
  •  It is worth remembering the temperature of the food. Ingredients that are too hot and cold cause harm and injury to the delicate mucous membrane of the genitals.
  • When handling glass containers, it is important to remember the fragility of objects. A bottle or glass used in intimate play can break, crack, and seriously injure the reproductive system.

Food masturbation is an intimate process. Even the closest people are not told about this. If done correctly, you would have a lot of fun out of the process. Masturbation is very beneficial for your health. Regular orgasm guarantees normal blood circulation in the pelvic organs and provides stable morale.
There are a lot of special devices for self-satisfaction. You can and should masturbate. Do not give in to social prejudice, and get physical relaxation as many times a week as your body requires. Now you know everything about things to stick your dick in.

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