Streaming Service Hulu Decided To Restart the Cult Series Futurama

fururama relaunch

Hulu has recently announced that Futurama will finally return to the screens. Filming of the animated series will begin this month. The online cinema has already ordered 20 new episodes.

The film adaptation of the picture lasted two decades, during which 140 original episodes were filmed. The last aired on September 4, 2013.

The premiere of the film is scheduled for 2023 with the participation of old heroes.

Futurama is an American science fiction satirical animated television series created by the creators of The Simpsons. In the center of the plot is a pizza delivery man who froze in 1999 and woke up 1000 years later. In the new season, which will be divided into two parts, the events will unfold again in the 31st century.

During its existence, the cartoon received six Emmy awards, seven Annie Awards, two WGA awards, and many others.

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