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Gender Neutral Bags: What Types and Examples of Bags Can Everyone Carry?

neutral handbag

Agree, the modern world has modern views on everything, including the variability of gender aspects. The time has long passed when fashion designers created purely male and separately female types of bags and purses, now the time has come for the trend of the unisex bags. Modern fashionistas no longer see a novelty in the fact that a man would wear a clutch, and a woman would have a large wallet. Today we decided to discuss with you the topic of neutral handbags and show what these bags can be.

How to Choose a Unisex Handbag?

It is difficult to imagine a person who doesn’t have a product for carrying things. Nowadays, no one goes out without a backpack, wallet, or handbag. For ordinary people, in contrast to fashion houses and their shows, the following characteristics are important:

  1. Practicality. The volume should be sufficient to take everything you need with you;
  2. Durability and wear resistance, because you are unlikely to want to change leather bags every season (unless you are of course a shopaholic).
  3. Versatility. The bag can be suitable for several types of use, for example, for walking and work at the same time.
  4. Compatibility with the wardrobe. It is important to choose such bags that would match in color with at least one element in your look, as well as combined with the style.
  5. Price. Don’t choose too cheap bags as they may last less than expected and if you are a brand lover you would have to spend even more.

Varieties of Gender Neutral Bags

Yes, there are varieties of bags that can fit both men and women. We will tell you a little about each of them.


neutral purse

This is a postman who is wearing a large shoulder strap. Its features are spaciousness, the presence of pockets-delimiters, and convenient, unhindered access to the contents. A very practical yet stylish gender-neutral purse.


neutral handbags

Ideal for business meetings, going to work, studying at a higher educational institution. Its size optimally combines both lightness (stuffing such an accessory until round sides are formed is bad manners) and spaciousness, since A4 papers don’t wrinkle in it. In addition, some can be made of solid material, which would give you the confidence that nothing would break or wrinkle inside the bag.


unisex purse

In other words, this is any structure that is attached behind the shoulders. The neutral purse has become insanely widespread, it is worn by everyone from schoolchildren to the elderly, because it is very comfortable and leaves hands free, correctly distributing the load on the spine. There are different styles from genuine leather, street, sports, as well as all the familiar tourist ones, where just everything and even more would fit.


unisex bags

This is the norm for Europe and America. A distinctive feature of all other bags is their spaciousness. With such accessories, they want to go to the store, to study, to the gym. They have a sick rectangular shape and medium-length handles so that they can be worn both on the shoulder and in the hand. Material durable textiles or leather, usually solid colors.


gender neutral bags

In other words, these are travel bags, that is, small roomy bags for short trips for the weekend. Such a unisex purse is frequently suitable for the casual style, that is, they are intended for those who have already taken off their work suit, switched to jeans or fashionable trousers, comfortable shoes, and a pullover.


gender neutral wallet

It is a soft accessory for tourists. It can also be used in the city if you need to take a lot of things. Similar to the previous version, but made of textiles, while the weekender is often made of leather. In addition, such a bag is an excellent option for athletes, because it can fit all the necessary things for training and not only.

Roller Bag

unisex handbags

This is a rolling suitcase for flights and travel times. The advantage is that the content doesn’t wrinkle and remains protected. There are various sizes and modifications: with soft covering or plastic; with an additional fastener; on two or four wheels.

Dopp Kit

masculine purses

A convenient travel bag helps you to put things in order in your hygiene items. This would hold shaving foam, a razor, a toothbrush, and toothpaste, as well as all the little things that shouldn’t be stored in one of the compartments of the backpack. The gender-neutral wallet can also become a separate piece of clothing, like a purse, if it is made in restrained colors. This can come in handy when traveling, or you are going somewhere where you need to have personal hygiene products.

Waist Bag

gender neutral purse

This form has gained popularity both among men and women. In terms of style, you can find sports, casual and romantic designs. A distinctive feature is the belt clip. This frees up the hands for an active lifestyle and also complements the street style.


unisex handbag

Petite and elegant. Designed for a few things, usually just a phone and wallet. They are appreciated not for their practicality, but for their appearance, they perfectly complement the bow. Embroidery or inlay with other decorative elements is popular.

A little about there, how to carry these bags correctly. Remember not to over-stuff the product to round out the sides. It is better to take a larger size than to tamp your things. Aside from being practical (they can all wrinkle), it’s not aesthetically pleasing. Another recommendation is that everything should be in place. Leave your backpack at home when going to a restaurant. This applies not only to women but also to men. Choose quality products. It isn’t necessary to wear only branded products, but the quality is one of the main criteria when choosing.

In addition, you can select bags with your partner. This would allow you to take turns using them if you don’t want to clutter your crater with bags for the two of you.

Celebrity Unisex Handbags Examples

Here are some good examples of how these handbags look on people.

  • Elizabeth Olsen was spotted wearing a black banana shoulder bag from The Row Slouchy Banana Leather.
  • Jaime King had a clutch with inlaid stones from Sophia Webster Clara for a photoshoot.
  • Emma Roberts supports the round trend from Clare V. Alistair.
  • Lady Gaga comes with a classic solid structure accessory from Céline.
  • Hilary Erhard Duff wears a red Fendi backpack in everyday life.
  • Emmanuelle Chriqui wore a petite black Valentino bag with metal perimeter inserts.

Even though these examples are shown on women, these bags can be worn by men (and that shiny clutch too!). They also have the right to be masculine purses, right? They don’t have any details, which would indicate that this is only a woman’s, or only a man’s bag. That is why everyone can wear it, and rightfully be called a neutral handbag.

Perhaps many of us aren’t yet accustomed to such modern standards, but you must agree that male and feminine purses, as well as bags and backpacks with a universal design, have a place to be. We recommend that you try to buy yourself a handbag whether you are a man or a woman. Surely you would like this style, especially since it goes well with almost all relevant things. Conquer new modern fashion standards!

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