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Getting Punched in the Balls: All Men Need to Know the Following Information!

kick in the groin

It’s hard to find a guy who hasn’t got hit in the balls at least once in his life. In football and other team games, bicycling and martial arts, as well as during playful childish brawls, not to mention serious fights, such an injury is not uncommon.

What happens when you get kicked in the balls? As a rule, the testicles rebuild their structure rather quickly. Even sperm production is disrupted only for a time (although some men “hitting the most expensive” can be incapacitated for a very impressive period – from 3 to 9 months).

Perhaps, in this case, there is nothing to worry about? Well, hit in the balls still hurts, it will stop. But this is not a simple case. Indeed, unfortunately, such injuries do not always end well.

What to Do after Getting Hit in the Balls?

The most important thing is to immediately ensure your peace of mind and avoid sudden movements. If circumstances permit, it is best to lie on your right side, tuck your knees and try to smoothly take several deep breaths, this will help to cope with the painful shock after the blow received.

Any injury manifests itself in the form of pain, swelling, and inflammation. First aid will help reduce their occurrence. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • Apply a cold compress wrapped in a cloth to the injury to prevent frostbite. Cold constricts blood vessels and reduces inflammation;
  • Take a pain reliever (paracetamol, nurofen, ketoprofen);
  • Try to lie down and rest;
  • Put on your pull-up underwear.

If all these measures were ineffective and did not help improve the condition, it is better not to postpone and consult a specialist.

When Do You Need to See a Doctor Urgently?

In some cases, you need to visit a doctor or call an ambulance as soon as possible. This is necessary if:

  • the size of the scrotum has become noticeably larger;
  • the skin is damaged;
  • there is bleeding;
  • if after taking the pain reliever, the pain has not diminished.

In the case of an open wound or a bite injury, you need to consult a urologist in any case.

Can You Die from Getting Hit in the Balls?

kicked in the testicles

A blow to the groin can disrupt the reproductive function of the male genital organ as a result of hemorrhage, at the same time a signal is sent to the brain that this individual is not suitable for reproduction, so the heart may stop.

And, one more theory about getting kicked in the testicles: the organs of the perineum are permeated with sensory nerves. Therefore, a direct hit in this place causes the most painful sensations. A blow to some areas can be fatal due to painful shock. And if the blood vessels are damaged during injury, the bleeding can be so severe that it will pose a threat to life. With severe bruising, testicular atrophy is possible. Subsequently, a significant injury can lead to the development of a tumor.

Can Getting Hit in the Testicles Cause Infertility?

got hit in the balls

A hit to the groin can indeed cause serious injury. For example, in some men, such a stroke causes temporary infertility (sometimes from 3 to 9 months). And although sperm production is usually restored subsequently, it also happens otherwise. Doctors believe that trauma to the genitals can lead to a decrease in the production of testosterone (male sex hormone) in the body, and its active conversion into estradiol (female sex hormone), which causes not only disruption of sperm production, but also the appearance of problems with potency.

With getting hit in the nuts in young people, the maturation of the germ cells may be disturbed, which subsequently leads to infertility. American researchers conducted an experiment involving more than 200 adult infertile men. After interviewing them, it was possible to find out that every fifth child had to endure a trauma below the waist. The pain went away, but the problem remained.

In addition to infertility, testicular injuries threaten the man and other problems on the intimate front. Doctors believe that a kick in the groin can lead to a decrease in the production of testosterone (male sex hormone) in the body and its active conversion to estradiol (female sex hormone). This becomes the cause of a violation of sperm production and the appearance of problems with potency.

Therefore, experts insist, if the pain does not go away within an hour, and if the temperature rises and nausea or vomiting occurs, you should immediately consult a doctor.

And the Last Question Is Can You Get Cancer from Getting Hit in the Balls?

The worst thing of getting punched in the balls… Yes, injuries can lead to testicular cancer. Few people manage to completely avoid injury, especially when playing sports. Unfortunately, frequent trauma to the scrotum is a factor that provokes the development of a testicular tumor. In order to notice changes in time, self-examination should be carried out monthly.

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