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What Are Grillz – Find Out Where Did Gold Teeth Originate from and Where to Get Them

who invented Grillz

Numerous hip-hop fans first noticed an unusual decoration on the teeth of their idols back in the distant 80s of the last century. After almost completely disappearing, the Grillz saw the world again a few years ago. The number of fans of this unusual jewelry is growing rapidly every day. And if earlier the desire to shock the audience in this way, for the most part, arose only among hip-hoppers, today it does not matter to which social group the person who wants to decorate himself with golden grill teeth belongs.

What Are Grillz

Grillz, for the uninitiated, are gold or diamond onlays that are worn over their teeth. They can be made from a variety of other jewelry materials, not just gold or diamonds, but they seem to be the most popular.

The original creation of gold teeth history Grillz decades ago had two main goals:

  • To hide any broken front teeth of some gang members. Show wealth, status, and style. Why do you have normal dental implants in your mouth when you have diamonds, right? Nobody can argue with this logic. After all, metal or gold artificial dental replacements for broken teeth were used before the creation of Grillz jewelry.
  • Grills in teeth can be either a permanent dental substitute or a temporary additional coating over your teeth. The two types are quite different in how they should be used but have a similar visual effect on the outside.

Nowadays, grills are mostly a fashion statement and are being worn more and more by people, still mostly among the hip hop gold teeth. Grillz is an interesting and unique piece of jewelry, eye-catching and tactile, and comes in many designs. What makes grills so special is that they are unique to the wearer. They represent your style, and only you can wear them. These are truly personal jewelry.

Grillz may be more and more popular now, but they are nothing new. Grillz has been a part of hip-hop culture for decades, starting in the 1980s, when rappers like Raheem The Dream or Kilo Ali started using them. At first, it was mainly a southern phenomenon, but then jeweler model Eddie’s Gold Teeth took the style to New York and was joined by rappers like Afrika Bambaataa and Slick Rick.

However, Grillz’s popularity did not have a constant upward trajectory. It wasn’t long before the trend started to fade and remained popular mainly in Memphis and Houston. It was a blast of dirty southern rap from people like Ludacris and Lil ‘Jon bringing the grillz back. In 2005, Paul Wall made the mega-hit Grillz, which was an ode to the grills, with other rappers like Ali, Nelly, and Big Jeep, and further increased the popularity of this trendy product, which is why you can say why do people wear grills.

Who Invented Grillz

wearing a grill

Trying to unravel the mystery of the invention and the original author of the idea of ​​decorating teeth so extravagantly, they understood that all paths lead to the unknown Eddie Plain, the owner of Eddie’s gold teeth store located in New York. It was he who invented to wear gold teeth covers, the so-called “lattices”, made of all kinds of precious metals interspersed with jewelry stones. The pioneers and trendsetters of grills for mouth fashion were the real giants of the dark-skinned culture of that time Flava Flav (Public Enemy), Koll G Rap.

Any rap artist considers himself obligated to visit a popular dentist, on condition that it becomes known to the public, a real pro on fronts and golds, hip-hop slang definitions of gold teeth meaning. And keeping up with the times, some representatives of pop culture purchased this accessory and are now releasing it under their name, thereby turning a smile into a gorgeous advertising show. This is exactly what the famous rap artist Paul Wall did.

If you get the impression that this is a purely masculine decoration, then one has only to recall the various performances of Rihanna, who shocked fans with grills of various types and colors.

Expensive and Cheap Dental Ornamentation is available to everyone

Ornaments for teeth such as grills jewelry, which with great pleasure are worn by world stars, can easily be called works of jewelry art and their cost is, of course, quite big. Almost all of them are custom-made in certain dental clinics of aesthetic medicine and only from precious metals, gold, silver, platinum.

At the request of the client, such products are decorated with a scattering of all kinds of gemstones, some people prefer diamonds, and some rubies or inimitable emeralds, that’s why do people get grills.

Grill pieces teeth are not only similar, precious performances. You can purchase a coveted piece of jewelry at a more affordable price for the layman. This jewelry is made in specific standard sizes, using inexpensive metals for their production, and inlaid with rhinestones.

But over the variety of presented forms, the designers and developers have tried their best. There is an opportunity to purchase gold teeth symbolism, very similar to the grin of a wild beast, the likeness of some objects, or a set of letters, which makes it possible to compose a whole word or, for example, the name of the owner of such unusual grills.

What Do You Need to Know about Wearing a History of Gold Teeth Safely?

what are Grillz

Using a wearing a grill to decorate your teeth to create a unique, memorable look is not entirely safe for your health. This method of standing out from the crowd hides many complex complications and diseases. Their use can cause various reactions of the body, from a banal allergy caused by inexpensive metals to more serious diseases. Improper care of teeth and oral cavity, in general, leads to severe forms of periodontal disease and wearing people with grills only aggravates the situation.

When putting on a tooth patch, be prepared for damage to the tooth enamel, its gradual thinning, and possible chips and cracks. During a meal, food particles fall under the grills, which is an excellent breeding ground for harmful bacteria and, as a result, the early formation of caries. This newfangled jewelry often causes persistent irritation of the gums and the entire oral cavity in the wearers, which is quite painful in the history of Grillz. The spectrum of risks is quite large, but it can be reduced, if not to zero, then to a minimum precisely by following these recommendations:

  • Buy and use only temporary grills, only when you know where did gold teeth originate from
  • Be sure to do hygienic cleaning before and after using the jewelry;
  • It is necessary to use during cleaning and disinfection of the product only with approved preparations;
  • Take off before eating;
  • Get certified grills when you know what is a mouth grill. It is very important.

Be sure to contact your dentist if you notice redness, slight swelling of the gums, or pain in the mouth after using this patch. At the appointment with a specialist, you also need to grab a grill, thereby significantly reducing the time to establish the correct diagnosis.

Celebrities invest a lot of money in a dazzling smile, but they clearly lack the shine of their own teeth. Recently, decorative braces made of gold and with precious stones have become fashionable.

Where to Get Mouth Grills

If the soul wants something individual and exclusive, in this case, you need to pay special attention to finding a competent dentist who will help you find them and select them especially for you. Having found one, be prepared to visit his office several times. Your dentist will need to take an impression of your teeth and arrange with a dental technician to create custom onlays.

Grilles or gold teeth are common for rappers, but every time you watch a rap/hip hop video, you can’t help but wonder why.

Why are these musicians wearing these grills?

Well, aside from believing that it makes them look super-flying, most rappers will wear grilles to pay homage to their history. In particular, Mayan history.

Grills are a symbol borrowed from the ancient Maya, who drilled jade directly into their teeth (OUCH). Besides the Mayans, the ancient Egyptians replaced and tied their teeth with gold plates and wire.

It is known that in many societies gold grilles are installed instead of healthy teeth, and in other cases, they are put on as crowns on healthy teeth.

For some people, wearing gold teeth is a way to respect traditions and beliefs. The Nubians also wore gold teeth, and some people will wear them today to showcase their heritage.

We hope you got some new information and were surprised when you found out what are Grills and what they are dressed for.

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