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“Growing Old with Gracefully” David Beckham about Plastic Surgery

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David Beckham, despite his age, is still the most hot man in the world, once giving an interview and sharing his opinion about plastic surgery and beauty injections. Speaking to Evening Standard about his views on cosmetic procedures, he said: “Cosmetic surgery might be OK for some people, I’m not saying it’s bad. But for me, personally, never. Never!”

And also added: “I have no interest in doing anything like that, ever. Growing old gracefully is my thing. I would never inject my face. Or my backside obviously.”

This isn’t the first time that David has shared his opinions about Botox. Once, during London Fashion Week, he sparked rumors when he photographed at wife Victoria Beckham’s fashion show with his 18-year-old son Brooklyn Beckham and Vogue editor Edward Enninful. After Vogue shared the photo on their official Instagram account, one user commented on the snap, saying: “Botox looks good on David!” However, the sportsman quickly set the record straight. “I don’t agree with Botox [email protected] but I’ll take it as a compliment,” he said. David has denied any plastic surgery!

Interesting, is he the only one who thinks like that? And you know, he is not the one! Welcome, male celebrities who never had plastic surgery! Here are our heroes:

  • Brad Pitt – is among celebrities who have not had any plastic surgery at all.
  • Johnny Depp – is also in this little army. He actually thinks that what matters is the beauty of the soul.
  • Leonardo DiCaprio – and again there is no plastic surgery or similar procedure behind his good looking face.
  • Daniel Craig – Mr. Bond also is pure as a child, his wife explained that Daniel chose the natural ageing.
  • Well done! And they are really looking good at their age! Definitely, they are growing old gracefully!
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