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Chinos and Shirt Combinations: Learn about Essential Chino Colors and Are They Work Appropriate

how chinos should fit

Chino-style pants among fashionistas have long become an alternative to popular jeans. Chinos are worn in an informal setting, put on to a party with friends, walking around the city, going on a picnic, or even to work (if you skillfully combine this wardrobe item with elegant details). Thanks to the comfort and stylish appearance, men’s chinos style is one of the most common clothing models in the casual wardrobe of every young man who watches how he looks.

Varieties of Chinos: Essential Chino Colors

The cut of chinos may vary, but lately, there has been a trend towards a more tapered type of these men’s fashion chinos. These models offer trademarks:

  • Cheap Monday
  • Dickies
  • And River Island.

If you think the slim fit is overrated by fashion designers, brands such as Firetrap Baker make chinos outfit relax fit models. Of the fashionable design trends for chinos, we also note the following.

Many men’s shirts to wear with chinos of this style are presented with a low waist. The rolled hem of these trousers is becoming more and more popular, especially in summer. As for color, designers design chino pants in literally every color of the rainbow. Of course, such traditional shades as khaki, beige, olive, or brown are consistently popular among men, but ultra-bright shades are also popular among fashionistas — pink, peach, and white chinos are popular, and these trousers can also be decorated with original prints.

What to Wear with Chino Pants?

Chinos are a great everyday option, so wear them with comfortable shoes. For a more formal style, moccasins, loafers, and topsides are suitable, and if your wardrobe is dominated by sportswear, feel free to wear sneakers or trainers in addition to lose chinos.

What to wear with chinos? Do not forget the main rule — this style of trousers is not worn with socks, so choose light summer shoes in which you will feel comfortable.

Chinos and shirt combinations

Top options for such a set can be different: from T-shirts to polo shirts and light jumpers. To be on-trend, try this summer look with skinny chinos, including a graphic print tee, summer fedoras hat, and 1950s-inspired glasses. Moreover, the shades of glasses and hats should be in harmony with the colors on the T-shirt. And you can put on hi-tops that contrast with chinos in color.

About Choosing the Size: How Are Chinos Supposed to Fit?

As with any online shopping for clothes, it is important to understand your size when choosing chinos.

It is worth mentioning right away how to wear chino pants, that the concept of “fits well” here can be interpreted by different buyers in their own way. Some like a tighter fit, while others, on the contrary, are baggier.

It is also worth noting that, unlike denim in jeans, cotton twill in chinos stretches much worse and takes a smaller size and spread (for lovers of a very tight fit) here it is unlikely that it will work. In addition, chinos pants definition suggests some relaxation. I do not pretend to be true, but in my opinion, chinos sit best when the belt is fastened loosely enough, and it needs to be slightly fixed with a belt.

Some online stores post detailed measurements of the items sold, some attach a standard size chart taken from the manufacturer’s website. In any case, do not hesitate to ask the online shop support to take the actual measurements from the pants, or try to find these measurements in any other online store and are also chinos formal. As a rule, in case of a disputed size, when you need to choose, for example, either size 31 or 32, it is recommended to choose a larger size for chinos.

How Chinos Should Fit?

what are chinos

When choosing chinos, many are guided by personal preference or fashion trends, so it is difficult to say how often they will be worn (permanently or only for one season). But do not forget to think about what to wear with chinos before buying.

Although these trousers have a tapered bottom, they still do not look like a second skin.

Now let’s figure out how to choose them correctly and how to wear chinos:


Pants should fit perfectly at the waist. Then you don’t need a support belt, and you don’t have to unbutton a button after a hearty meal, and this is one of the pluses of chino pants meaning.


The fabric on the back should be as close to the hips as possible, but not too tight (so that the seam does not fall apart when bending or squatting if someone has massive hips), and does not sag like a bag. So as not to ask yourself a question later are chinos work appropriate there.


The cut of the trousers cannot be changed. Therefore, when choosing chinos, make sure that in them, you will be comfortable standing, sitting, bending over, walking and what color is chino. At the same time, do not squeeze or squeeze anything in the perineum. And one more thing: the low rise of the trousers is suitable only for tall men.

Outer Thigh

The fabric of the trousers should be close to it so as not to create restrictions on movement. Therefore, you should think about comfort, and not about being slimmer than you are and dressing up chinos.


If you can’t put on a sock so that you can pull it on completely without removing your pants, then they are too tight in the calf area. And then wake up asking yourself when to wear chinos.


Guys with thin ankles will look great in chinos, the fabric of which gathers in a light “accordion”, falling below the knee, especially if the bottom of the trousers does not wrinkle. But big guys should take a closer look at trousers, which are less tapered in this part (a model of a looser cut is suitable for them).

Length Trousers

It all depends on which folds on the trousers are preferable. It is better when the folds are small. In this case, men of short stature should completely abandon them. But do not forget to find out about it before buying something, and in our case What are chinos.

Top 3 Best Colors

chino style pants

Without a doubt, the three most versatile colors for chinos are:

  • Khaki (or terracotta).
  • Blue
  • Olive.

Probably olive green would be the best option. It can be paired with lighter or darker colors and goes well with just about anything.

If you’re looking to expand your chinos’ collection, consider lighter shades of blue, burgundy, or deeper browns such as tobacco or chestnut (different brands have different names for these colors). Chinos are great for creating cuffs at the bottom because the thick and durable material creates a thick and durable cuff that stays in place all day. Jeans are also tucked in this way, but not classic trousers.

It should be noted that it is not always necessary to do what is not prohibited in principle.

Chino cuffs like these tend to simplify the overall look, which is why in some organizations it is unlikely that employees will like this option. The thing is that the cuffs, shortening the trousers, on the one hand, expose the ankles and flaunt the socks. In the business world, this would be considered a daring trick.

In addition, some people believe that the cuffs on the trousers visually shorten the legs, which is especially noticeable on short guys. Perhaps there is some truth in this, but if done correctly, the cuffs on the chinos will not affect the visual perception in any way.

The main thing is that the cuffs are short (up to 5 cm) and that the pants taper closer to the ankle (but this depends on the physique). So if you like tucking your pants, please. Just don’t do that at official events.

Are Chinos Business Casual?

chinos outfit

Depends on how you perceive the so-called office ease. Everyday business style is a completely new direction in the dress code, which is gaining more and more popularity among office workers every year.

In the traditional sense, chinos are not business casual. In their place, it is easier to imagine something more formal, for example, classic trousers. But as practice shows, chinos are an ideal option for modern businessmen.

A familiar situation: an office worker appears at work every day in tight thin trousers, a shirt tucked into them and leather boots (boots in winter, moccasins in summer, blushers all year round). In winter, a woolen sweater is still worn and a casual sport or woolen coat is added. In general, in 90% of modern offices, this is a perfectly acceptable uniform that outperforms the ubiquitous combination: khaki pants/trousers — a light blue shirt.

Now you are finally convinced that chinos are, in fact, the best pants for men.

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