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Find Out If It Is Dangerous to Do a Full Head Tattoo – What Are Head Tattoos That Look like Hair

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With baldness, the coloring pigment is embedded in the points where the hair grew. Tattoo ink creates the appearance of a hairline that is missing in certain areas. Hairline tattoo is not a particularly painful procedure, as the pigment is not injected deeply. In addition, the master can use pain relievers. In addition to machines for tattooing, micropigmenters, some masters use rollers, but this is less justified — the look can be sloppy. The micropigmentation procedure is not only an imitation, head tattooing allows you to hide scars.

Balding clients appreciate the almost complete absence of PTSD. The head does not need to be hidden, it can be easily cleaned, not forgetting to use gel or petroleum jelly for scalp tattoo at first. Remember that Vaseline can make your shaved head look brighter. What is so great about head tattoos for hair loss is that you can do it in cases where hair transplantation is not possible. You can find out the nuances of partial tricopigmentation, why a dot drawing is better, how to wash your head after tattooing, and the duration of the illusion preservation, you can at a tattoo school.

Features Tattoo Hairline

hair tattoo men

Tricopigmentation, like permanent makeup, is a cosmetic procedure in which dye is injected into the upper layers of the skin to create the appearance of hair growth. Scalp tattoo hair loss is performed with single needles or rollers covering a large area.

It is important to know that hair imitation is performed only with special pigments. Regular paint for a full head tattoo does not last long, due to the higher oiliness of the skin in this place.

Professional lines consist of a wide palette of colors, from the lightest to the darkest, so that pigmentation is done for hot brunettes and blondes.

The bald spot tattoo procedure is performed in the temporal, lateral, occipital, and frontal-parietal areas of the head. In addition, the same effect can be achieved on a man’s face if the beard has bald patches or insufficient thickness.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Men’s Hair Tattoos for Baldness

Tattooed hair is a safe alternative to a hair transplants.

Benefits of the tattoo on the head like hair:

  • painless
  • much cheaper
  • Everything is under control — the “hairstyle” will appear in any situation. When transplanting, there is no 100% guarantee, hair follicles may not take root, bald spots and voids are formed
  • The simplicity of execution, absence of scars and seams. Transplant is a radical method, a complex operation
  • rehabilitation is not needed, you continue to live your usual life
  • at the request of the client — changing the growth line, shade, color, density
  • Naturalness.

Disadvantages of fake hairline:

  • it is not forever
  • only imitation
  • The disadvantages against the background of the advantages and the result obtained are not so significant.

What Kind of Tattoos Are Done on the Head?

Of course, a fake hair tattoo is a very bold step. Women rarely come up with such an idea, but men are prone to this due to some aggressiveness and brutality of the result. For bald people, a tattoo on the head can be a way out and salvation.

Most often, they prefer to apply patterns, mandalas, fractal compositions on the head. Often, the choice of sketch falls on the images of predators, for example, the mouth or face of a leopard. Often, an image of a skull is stuffed on the head.

Making head tattoos that look like hair, everyone understands that is a rather radical measure of changing the appearance. But it has advantages. A tattoo on the skull area can be covered with hair or a headdress.

If you have a share of humor, then the disappearing hair can not be masked, but turned into the subject of a good joke, for example, by depicting a lawnmower on the bald head.

Each tattoo is always considered by its owner as a talisman. So, at first glance, the tough and frightening sight of a tattoo with a spider on the entire surface of the head will become a protection for its wearer. Every ill-wisher gets into the web of such a spider.

By drawing outlines of armor or chitinous scales, bone shells, brick walls, a person believes that he is increasing his moral impenetrability. This will help him to better resist stress and extreme situations.

All about Hair Tattoo Men

scalp tattoo

Male head tattoos are more often than female ones, they are either protective or religious in nature. For both men and girls, a hair follicle tattoo is not just a business card, but an application for some kind of alter ego in society, as well as the belonging of your person to a certain subculture.

The cross tattoo on the head is one of the most spectacular and desirable among fans of body painting. The cross, in the Celtic style, framed in a circle, equipped with patterns — looks equally beautiful if it is made in black and when it is painted with a colorful palette.

Balding head tattoo on the back of the head, or on the entire surface of the head, comes from the ancient belief that death that comes for a person will not take away someone who is already dead. Thus, the skull is considered a protective force for its owner.

Hair loss is tragic not only for women, men are also worried about it. When for some the problem is solved by shaving off all hair and finding a new style, others do not give up trying in all ways, if not to return the hair, then to create the appearance of their presence thanks to natural hair tattoos.

Tattoo under hairline comes to the rescue! Such hair will definitely never leave you again. Having shaved off all that remains of the former head of hair, the tattoo artist draws a dotted-shaped bristle. The color is selected according to what hair color is natural for you. If baldness has not affected the entire hairline, the master shades the bald patches with a pattern of bristles, creating the effect of even coverage. You can continue to shave your head later to maintain the stubble effect.

Application of imitation bald head tattoo is carried out with special microblading ink and thinner needles.

Features of Tattoos on the Head

After the bald head tattoo hair is done, the skin regenerates for two weeks. The healing process should take place with the help of panthenol, and in the future, it is worth remembering three important things:

  1. The scalp is thin enough, easily traumatized — this is a threat to the pristine beauty of your masterpiece.
  2. The first thing that is most often under the sun’s ultraviolet light is the head. The tattoo fades under the sun, it will have to be updated more often. Which means sunscreen should be your companion.
  3. Getting rid of shaved head tattoos will be a problem that is fraught with scars

The pain threshold is completely different for everyone, but the common thing is that in men the head is much more sensitive than in women. Is a tattoo on the head dangerous? This is a question that most people ask themselves. To maintain your health, choose an expensive, experienced, and qualified professional with medical knowledge for tattooing your head, who can explain everything to you about microblading hairline men.

Be sure to ask if he can take emergency measures if you feel bad while working on the tattoo. If you are prone to allergic reactions, do not use color dyes. Some of them can cause dermatitis.

After tattooing on the head, unlike the eyebrows, a crust does not form. The most you can expect is light peeling. The procedure does not harm hair growth either, and sometimes even stimulates it, improving blood circulation and innervation of the scalp.

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