Hennessy Enters the Fashion World, Presenting Its First-Ever Collection of Clothes

Hennessy Les Twins Collab

As part of Hennessy Very Special limited edition 2021, the house decided to enter the world of luxury fashion. Meet Hennessy Very Special in Motion designed by Les Twins and is connected with the arts and culture.

The special capsule was created together with the dancers and Stéphane Ashpool who wanted to mark its cultural impact. The collection demonstrates the dance duo, Laurent and Larry Bourgeois who smoothly move around Paris.

Hennessy Collection

The capsule consists of 15 various pieces and features the attributes and style choices of both dancers. Creating the collection, the pair used great cuts, hidden twists to match perfectly with every style of the customer.

The capsule that is suitable both for women and men combines streetwear with luxury pieces created in France, Portugal, and America. The duo also pays attention to the quality of materials and follows all Hennessy’s standards. 

For example, a bomber jacket made of leather is the highlight of the collection. The item can be worn with a hoodie that is also featured in the line. Also, leather pants that are unlimited versatile can be paired with a lambskin vest.

Among the garments that are suitable for daily wear is a denim jacket available in grey color, T-shirts, and hoodies. The accessories line includes a bucket hat, cap, bandana, along with a belt bag. 

Hennessy Les Twins Collection

The capsule collection is already available to buy, the prices start from 86 dollars.

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