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H&M Launches a Free Suit Rental Service to Help Young Men Find Work


H&M now offers free suits to all young men to add confidence when looking for a job. At every job interview in your life, it’s important to dress accurately to impress. But unfortunately, not every young man has a suit or the worst does not have the money to buy it. The international clothes brand has highlighted this problem in its latest advertisement, which will be translated in both the United Kingdom and the United States beginning from April 15th to May 13th in a trial period. It will advertise a free suit rental service that will be available 24/7 to help young men find work. You will not have to pay the rent if you return the suit within 24 hours.

The ad One/Second/Suit focuses on the fact that first impressions matter in an interview. The Swedish brand conducted research and it showed that potential employers rate candidates on first impressions within one second. Therefore, the company wants young people who are now desperately looking for a job to take advantage of this offer. 

“An interview can be a nervous experience, but nothing should be stopping and distracting you, especially what you are wearing. This advertisement is essentially about confidence because you have everything you need”- added the representatives of the company.

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