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How Are Cigars Different from Cigarettes: Read the Article to Know Everything!

difference between cigar and cigarettes

Do you know what the difference is between cigars and cigarettes? Read to be informed!

Tobacco smoking, despite the Ministry of Health’s warning about lung cancer, is still a part of the lives of millions of people. The taste and smell of tobacco are one of the main delights of smoking. The smokers’ camp was divided into those who prefer cigarettes and those who prefer cigars. The difference between cigars and ordinary cigarettes is obvious at first glance, although for many some features of tobacco products become a kind of revelation.

The main differences

The main difference between cigarettes and cigars is size and shape. Thus, a cigarette is a small tobacco product with a diameter of up to 8 mm and a length of up to 84 mm. A cigar is a larger product: its diameter can reach 2-3 cm, and its length – up to 30 cm. Therefore, even an average cigar contains many times more tobacco and nicotine. This largely determines the smoking process.

Another important difference between cigar and cigarette that surprises everyone who knows what cigars look like, only from TV or from photographs. Unlike cigarettes, in which the shredded tobacco is wrapped in thin paper, the outer shell of cigars consists entirely of natural tobacco leaf. Its color can be from dark brown and almost black to the shade of coffee with milk. Another difference between tobacco products is the type of cigars. On sale you can find different forms of cigars: in addition to the usual oblong, you can find products in the form of a rocket, a barrel with pointed tips, and even curved sticks in the shape of the horns of a hoofed animal.

The difference between cigars and cigarettes

difference between a cigar and a cigarette


A cigar consists of a whole tobacco leaf, hand-rolled and filled with cut or also whole tobacco of various varieties. Between the cover and the “filling”, there is a binder sheet that gives the cigar its shape.

Cigarettes, on the other hand, are a cheap analog of the “big brother” and are used not for savoring the taste, but for a quick “smoke break”.

The size is also one more difference between cigarettes and cigar

The standard cigarette length is 84 mm, women’s variations reach 100, 110 and 120 mm. The length of a cigar does not have a clear standard and can reach 2-3 cm. The thickness of the vitola is measured not in mm, but in special units “ring gage” (1 rg – 0.4 mm) and varies from 39 to 52. Cigarettes have a fixed diameter of 7.62 mm.

Difference between a cigar and a cigarette: which is more harmful

Regardless of what cigars are, they all contain several times more tobacco and, therefore, tens of times more nicotine. Therefore, even theoretically, it can be assumed that cigars are more harmful than ordinary cigarettes. But there is one thing: cigars, unlike cigarettes, do not smoke in a puff, i.e. smoke is not inhaled deeply into the lungs. It should be savored in the mouth, as it were, “striped”. This is the fundamental difference between cigars. Because of this, European doctors equated cigar smokers with non-smokers.

But in fairness, it is worth noting that the regular use of this type of tobacco product has a bad effect on the teeth, causing the formation of plaque, periodontal disease, and even mucosal tumors. Starter cigars are usually the most common cigars to try before you find your favorite brand and variety of tobacco.

We are sure that after reading our article you will not have a question: what is the difference between cigars and cigarettes anymore because the answer you can find here!

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