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What Is a Perm and Is It Harmful – The Complete Guide to Tips on Men’s Perm Styles

What Is a Perm and Is It Harmful

Women tend to constantly experiment with their hair. But, among men, there are also many of those who willingly try on new images. And in this situation, spectacular types of perms or romantic waves look much more advantageous than the usual straight hair. If you yourself do not risk carrying out such a ceremony as hair curling for men, contact the masters of the stylists of the salons.

They will create a completely new hairstyle that will make you look at yourself in a new way. There are several types of perms for guys, and they are all equally suitable for both women and men. The most common are:

  • perm;
  • bio wave;
  • curling on curlers.
  • Thermal perm
  • Cold curling

What is the difference between these methods of styling, and what should be preferred by the stronger sex if they want to look more attractive?

Men’s perm styles are the main trend this year. They are associated with passionate Spaniards and Italians, whose characteristic feature is both long curly hair and curls of medium length. This element of the male image makes him romantic and mysterious as if descended from the pages of glossy magazines.

What Is a Perm?

Perm is It is a chemical process that destroys the structure of the hair by altering the texture, causing the hair to become wavy, frizzy, or straight.

To add curls, the hair is wound around the rods. The size of the bar determines the final texture: smaller bars create tighter curls, and larger bars create looser waves. Some perms also use heat.

Different Perm Styles

For a long time, man’s curls obtained by artificial means have ceased to be unusual. The most popular are curls created using special tools. This is the so-called perm. Modern manufacturers of perm products have minimized the negative effects of active ingredients on the hair as much as possible. Moreover, such preparations have a drying effect. Therefore, owners of oily scalp, simultaneously with a change of image, will temporarily get rid of the unpleasant oily sheen. But before starting the procedure, do not forget to ask the master how long does a perm last, and any other questions you may have.

An experienced hairdresser will assess the condition of the hair before the curling procedure, talk about further care and styling products, as well as does perm damage hair, and, most importantly, impartially and objectively summarize the correspondence of the new style to your physical characteristics: face type, hair density, and length, forehead height, etc.

Permed Hair

Permed Hair

This method has been known since Soviet times. Are perms bad for your hair? Curling curls with special chemical compounds are now safe. This method has clear advantages. In particular:

  • the result lasts for six months;
  • styling is facilitated;
  • benefits for oily hair are observed.

So you learned how long do perms last for guys. For men with long hair, a perm is recommended in many cases. The fact is that very often the male scalp has an increased level of fat content. The chemicals used in the procedure dry out the strands. Thus, curling has a positive effect on the strands.

Do not be afraid of a chemical attack on the structure of the cortex. In a beauty salon, masters use gentle formulations that will not harm the hair. Another clear plus of this method is the ability to create a variety of styling.

Hair Bio Waving

Hair Bio Waving

This is a gentle perm. The only difference is that beauty salon specialists when carrying out the biowave procedure, use unique formulations that do not contain hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, thioglycolic acid. It is these components that dry the strands. Unlike classical “chemistry”, this method of curling is gentle. The formulations contain keratins, trace elements, proteins – in short, everything that allows you to heal your hair. That is why after biowaving the curls look fresh, healthy, and shiny. This method will curl your curls for up to several months. Even as it grows back, your wavy strands will look spectacular and very natural.

Curling on Curlers

Curling on Curlers

This is the easiest way to curl straight hair. This procedure can be done at home, but you need to have some skills.

If you want to be sure of success, it is better to trust the hairdressers. After all, styling on curlers requires care and step-by-step actions. In addition, it is recommended to use specialized products so that the curls become elastic, and the salon masters know how to apply them correctly. This method has certain limitations. Many men prefer short haircuts, and such mechanical curling requires a certain length.

There are different options for curlers, as a result of which you can create both small springy curls and stylish waves and even curly strands. Therefore, masters recommend styling with curlers for long and medium hair. But, since the fashion for long curls in men has returned again, there can be no problems here.

Currently, there are other ways to transform any man, make them curly. Master stylists, know all about the various techniques of men’s curling, and also can you get a perm if your hair is dyed. In their work, they use only professional products and gels that perfectly keep styling, make curls durable, help create your individual style and image.

Thermal Perm

Thermal Perm

This service includes preliminary hair preparation, curling, and fixing. To create the most natural-looking curls, craftsmen use tongs of various diameters and shapes. Thanks to preliminary preparation, your hair does not dry out, and the fixation will ensure the preservation of the result for the whole day. We hope you understand how to get curls for guys.

Cold Curling

Cold Curling

This procedure is as harmless as possible, since the hair is not exposed to temperature changes and is not treated with chemicals. It is performed using various types of curlers (spiral, boomerangs, foam, bobbins, etc.). Dry with a professional hairdryer at medium temperature. Often in this way, afro-perm and perm for long hair are created. Now you know how long does a perm take.

How Long Does Hair Have to Be to Perm? Simple Tips

Owners of naturally curly hair sometimes find it difficult to deal with their tough and rebellious nature. Styling curly hair is almost impossible. Of course, the easiest way to tame the “obstinate” is a short haircut. But what if you want to somehow diversify your image. Common hair straightening procedures come to the rescue. Then many men ask themselves the question of how often can you perm your hair.

  • Home straightening option: using a hairdryer or iron. However, there are several “buts”. Firstly, their frequent use makes hair dry and brittle. Secondly, such styling is short-lived, and wet weather, being in a sauna or near water nullifies all your work.
  • A more durable way is straightening in the salon with the help of special means. This procedure has a beneficial effect on the hair, filling the voids in the hair structure and maintaining the effect for a sufficiently long time, regardless of weather conditions. The specialists will also tell you how often should you perm your hair.
  • It is worth choosing one or another option for changing the image together with your stylist, who will competently select an image that meets your expectations and perform procedures with minimal damage to the hair and scalp, leaving in your soul only satisfaction from the work process and pleasure from the result.

Perm changes the natural texture of the hair, so the result depends on both the natural texture and your goal. The type of perm also affects how loose or dense the curls or waves will be. Perms for men can be very subtle, like a root perm, which increases hair volume with minimal frizz, or unmistakable, like a spiral perm.

Now you are asking yourself: “Should I get a perm? “If you want to change your hairstyle, of course! Of course, this also takes time and money. Many salons offer advice first. If you are wondering can you perm bleached hair then the answer is yes!

Perm isn’t just for guys with straight hair. For curly and black hair, a perm can make styling easier with a regular pattern of curls and less frizzy hair.
So you have learned all the information about is a perm permanent, thanks to our article, which we have prepared for you with the team. We really hope that our article really helped you. Remember that the Permed hairstyles for men can drastically and permanently change your current look. Modern perm can do anything from volumizing to creating tight spiral curls and everything in between.

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