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How To Understand Are My Jeans Too Short? Helpful Tips for Every Man!

how long should jeans be

When choosing men’s jeans, the overwhelming majority of the strong half of humanity doesn’t even think about such an important parameter as jeans length. The focus is on the color, brand, and price of this type of garment. Moreover, many men buy their favorite jeans of excessive length and simply hem the lower part. But how to avoid this and choose the right length? Today we’ll talk about this in our little jeans’ length guide.

How Should Jeans Fit on Men?

How Should Jeans Fit on Men

And so, first, let’s figure out which jeans a man needs to choose. Each man decides for himself which model of jeans to buy. It depends on his taste, needs, and style. Jeans shouldn’t pinch anything and be too tight. However, they shouldn’t be too wide at the waist. In addition to the correct fit, it is important to choose a suitable style that can emphasize the features of your leg figure, or hide possible flaws.

Ideally, in a men’s wardrobe, you need to have several models for different occasions. For example, it would be more convenient to spend weekends outside the city in classic jeans that don’t restrict movement, and to go to the city center, choose a narrowed silhouette. Moreover, the modern fashion industry offers a variety of colors and models for every taste. At the same time, if the length of the product isn’t suitable, your image may no longer look as cool as it was in the idea.

How Are Jeans Supposed To Fit?

Today, in the variety of cut of denim pants, three main models can be distinguished, the length of which may be the same, but it would look completely different. That is why we will analyze how long should jeans be with these styles.

Classic Jean Length

Classic Jean Length

Such jeans would never become outdated, and they are combined with almost all styles of clothing and footwear, including. The wide prevalence of the model was ensured by its good fit, which is suitable for various types of figures. It is interesting to know that when modeling these jeans, designers can sometimes make the bottom cut of the leg with a slight tilt back. This is necessary so that the back of the pant leg looks beautiful, perfect, and in the front, there is a beautiful fold and not an accordion of these folds.

It isn’t so scary to buy too long jeans here than too short ones, because the first ones can always be cropped or simply rolled up stylishly.

Correct Length for Skinny Jeans

Correct Length for Skinny Jeans

As we all know perfectly well, these jeans are practically skin-tight, and the ends are tapered and don’t cover the shoes. These jeans are becoming more common every year for thin men. Given that jeans can fit snugly around your legs, they may not look very pretty if you have big bears or if you have fat. So keep that in mind and try this style on before you buy them. Perhaps they would still look stylish on you.

When choosing them, you should pay attention that they aren’t too short or long, which makes the selection of the length even more difficult. Try to get in such a length that the bottom doesn’t have too many folds, or in general, the pant leg is straight. Here the proper jean length would depend on your style. But at the same time, remember that this style doesn’t quite fit the style of dressing, so if you are more often at business meetings or in the office, choose a different cut, and use this one for walks and non-formal meetings.

Length of Men’s Flared Jeans

Length of Men’s Flared Jeans

Expansion end models were popular in the 60s of the last century, but now they are back in fashion. Thanks to their special shape, they can hide flaws and beautify the advantages of your legs. Here, the length is selected strictly according to the shoes, otherwise, everything may look completely different. The pants should almost completely hide the back of the shoes, but they mustn’t interfere with walking. Usually, the distance from the leg to the floor can be about 1 cm, taking into account the height of the shoe.

Agree with us that if you choose too short jeans, they would fit as strange as possible on you. So be sure to try this style on yourself and see if it fits your leg length.

How Long Should Jeans Be When Sitting?

See when you and the other guys wearing jeans how high the pant leg is raised when squatting or bending the leg. Socks shouldn’t be visible, especially if you are wearing long ones. In the second case, so that the jeans don’t go over the bone. Generally, wide-cut jeans allow for a longer length than narrow jeans that can go back to back with shoes. On the other hand, whoever likes it, because it isn’t critical and everyone chooses for himself. Someone likes that his legs aren’t visible under jeans, while others like cropped ones.

Where Should Jeans Sit on Shoes?

To make your jeans and shoes look good together, it is important to pay attention to where should jeans end. When trying on, take a close look at how the pant leg is located in the front and back. Two main parameters would show that you were able to find a good length:

  1. At the point where the front of the jeans meets the shoes, pay attention to the size of the accordion. The fold should be about 2-3 cm. A large amount of material at this point looks very ridiculous.
  2. In the back, it is better than the leg is in the middle of the heel of the shoes, that is, it doesn’t completely cover the shoes and is 1-1.5 cm from the floor if the shoe model matches.

These rules don’t claim to be “truth in the first instance.” Different models of jeans cut, features of the figure, and type of clothing suggest an individual approach to the length of the leg. No less important is the type of footwear for which the trousers are bought. Quite often, the best option would be to tuck men’s jeans correctly and not bother anymore.

How To Break in Jeans?

If your jeans are short or too tight, then you can fix that a little. Yes, it’s completely real! But for this to work for you, the jeans must not contain polyester or other elastic materials, otherwise, the effect may not be quite what you expected. So, try the following things:

  • Simply put them on, because after several times putting them on, they can stretch on their own;
  • Ride a bike;
  • Take wide strides when walking stairs or uphill;
  • More squats and other exercises besides walking;
  • Don’t wash your jeans in too hot water, as this would constrict them;
  • Hang the jeans at the bottom ends while drying, so that they stretch out in length.

Now you can disassemble are my jeans too short, or too long, no matter which fashion you like the most. If this happens, then buy new jeans of a good length, or trim the old ones in the workshop. If you don’t at all know which jeans to choose and choose the very length, contact a consultant in the store, he will certainly be able to help you. It is difficult to think that even such a small detail as the length of jeans can drastically affect your overall look. Don’t believe us? Then check it out for yourself!

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