What Does It Mean to Be a Gentleman? Top 7 Things That Make a Man a Gentleman!

If you are a man, then you are probably asking yourself “what does it mean to be a gentleman”. Someone thinks that a gentleman is always just a formal suit with a tie, but is it? Yes, of course, appearance is very important, but other aspects occur in the speech and behavior of a man. Today we will reveal the definition of a true gentleman, and share the secrets that would make any girl feel like a lady next to you.

how to be a gentleman

Who Is a Gentleman in the Modern World?

The definition of a gentleman hasn’t changed for many years, because the image that was formed for the first time also remains a priority for modern society. We think that many people themselves immediately notice that a man has the qualities of a gentleman, even if he doesn’t know what true qualities show the essence of a man.

By the way, women feel that a man has the characteristics of a gentleman. They feel their aura, which attracts them to be closer to such men. But it is important to note that even from afar you can see a special man because in the crowd he would stand out. Surely, if you are here, you want to become such a man. To do this, you will need to follow the simple rules for gentlemen. And if you can constantly observe such an image, over time you will understand that this happens automatically in your head. Cool, isn’t it?

How to Be a Perfect Gentleman?

Let’s move on to the most interesting. We watched some men who can be called real gentlemen and also asked women how to be a gentleman in their opinion. In the end, we managed to collect 7 things that go into this special look:

Courtesy and Good Manners

rules for gentleman

As in the days of the knights, everyone appreciated and paid due attention to the charm of a person. Agree, it is unlikely that the girl you like, or a simple passer-by, would be happy if you start being rude out of the blue. It is unlikely that you would be taken seriously after that. Yes, it may be a move to attract women who love such bad guys, but on an ongoing basis, such features in communication, and they can get bored.

You must always maintain good manners and respect for each person. This would help you get excellent characteristics, respect and of course the sympathy of any girl. We think you would like doing just that more than being a bad guy for everyone. So we advise you to remove any slang, unpleasant words, and obscenities in communication with a person that you like or respect.

Be Punctual

characteristics of a gentleman

A real man won’t allow a woman to languish in anticipation of his arrival. Show up always on time. If necessary, set a reminder on your smartphone or drive to the meeting point with a little extra time. If you still don’t have time for a date, then the reason must be valid. Warn her about this as early as possible and explain why there was a hitch. Otherwise, your opinion of you may deteriorate.

It is important to note that this applies not only to dates but also to other aspects of life. It is unlikely that you would “dress up” in the image of a gentleman only on dates. Furthermore, it would also be important for you to have your look at work, training, and other events that are important to you. So, apply this rule everywhere.

Personal Style and Hygiene

Almost everyone, when they hear the word “gentleman”, people imagine a man in a suit, a white shirt, and perfectly clean patent leather shoes. Yes, it looks special, but is it really necessary to wear it? In modern times, fashion has changed a bit, and its horizons have increased significantly. Today you can wear whatever gives you confidence and characterizes you. You can choose any style, the main thing is that it doesn’t look too defiant and at the same time emphasizes your features (not only external but also internal). Don’t buy what a gentleman “should” wear, as you would likely only wear it 1-2 times.

Put effort into your appearance. Keep yourself clean, take frequent showers, be well-groomed anytime, anywhere. Women love sloppiness but control. You must be clean and smell good.

Communicate and Show Interest

what does it mean to be a gentleman

Say hello as you pass a stranger (unless, of course, it’s a crowd on the street). Look into the eyes. Be open. It’s one of the best ways to open yourself up to new people, experiences, and professional connections, and a great way to learn how to be a gentleman on a date.

And yes, a few dating words. Know how to set the pace of the conversation, come up with topics for conversation in advance that she may be interested in. Think about what you would ask her. Then the date won’t be enveloped by awkward silence, the conversation would be natural and interesting. Don’t brag about material well-being or criticize wealthy people. The companion may become embarrassed, or she would see in you a braggart or a man dissatisfied with life. Your car, clothes, and wristwatch would tell one about your material well-being.

Give Appropriate Compliments

definition of a true gentleman

No wonder they say that women love with their ears. Tell her she looks good, praise her for her wit, or her knowledge of seemingly inappropriate topics such as politics, cars, technology, science, and so on. But at the same time, you need to be careful with boring and/or inappropriate compliments. If a girl got caught in the rain and her make-up “floated” a little, then she is unlikely to be pleased to hear that she has beautiful make-up. Also forget about criticism and insults, even if they are joking. And if you want to critically comment on something, be prepared that they may not come to you on a second date.

Note that it is important to give compliments not only to the woman you want to attract. Compliment absolutely everyone when there is a reason for it and you liked it. It can be an elderly person, a child, friends, colleagues, or yourself. The main thing isn’t to overdo it.

Keep Promises or Don’t Promise

what makes a man a gentleman

A big part of what makes a man a gentleman is to respect other people and their time. If you have arranged a meeting with someone, it is better not to be late (and at least to come there). If you have offered to help someone, remember to keep your promise on time. If you agreed on a project or something else at work, you should do it before the deadline.

Not only does this build trust between you and other people, but it also helps you start trusting yourself. It’s an underrated form of trust while you’re not yet a gentleman.

Be Yourself

Nobody wants to date a doll, someone who isn’t really who they pretend to be. It is worth noting that professional and personal life now make up you, they are now together. Therefore, it is important for you to be sincere all the time. Don’t make a puppet of yourself, be yourself. Don’t sound like a hippie, just be who you are.

What’s ironic about the art of being yourself is that it makes you unique. The flaws that you find annoying are attractive to everyone else. It’s what sets you apart and makes you memorable. Do you prefer to be memorable or “stone”? Being at ease with yourself is the sign of a true gentleman.

Well, now you know about all the details related to how to be a gentleman to a lady. We are sure that everyone will be able to bring these features from our list into their lives, making an even better version of themselves. If you stick to this for a certain time, it will become a habit and already in your subconscious, you will always act like a gentleman. We recommend introducing all this little by little, feeling each feature. And only, in this case, the result won’t keep you waiting. Just try!

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