What Is It Like to Be a Male Pornstar? Tips for Those Who Want to Work in Porn!

Almost all guys have ever watched porn. And probably more than half of them thought about how to become a male adult actor. Alas, not everyone has the right idea about this industry, and yes, not everyone is taken there. Therefore, we decided to explain to you briefly all the nuances that you should know before starting a new job. This will make it easier for you to know your chances of how to get into porn as a male. So let’s get started!

how to become a male pornstar

Requirements to Be a Male Pornstar

In this industry, it is important to have knowledge and understanding not only about this or work ethic but also about other factors that would significantly determine whether you qualify or not. And there are strict requirements for actors. Be sure to consider these criteria, and then consider whether you want to continue learning how to be a male pornstar, because some of these things may be repulsive. If this isn’t a problem for you, then you can be sure that in this industry you can get something (or maybe even more?).

  • Men with a penis size over 20 are much more likely to get a position.
  • Appearance isn’t that important, but you need to feel confident in front of the camera even without pants. You need to be able to get excited in 30 seconds.
  • You should finish on command, and no one will wait until a man learns this. Sexual intercourse often lasts more than 40 minutes, and it is important not to cum or go limp in the process.
  • For a day you need to withstand at least 3 ejaculations.
  • You need to regularly undergo a medical examination, be tested for STDs, and also keep your body in good shape at all times.

Of course, not all port studios or sites can set such strict limits for beginners, it would simply be a big plus and possible career growth. Endurance and looseness are the main qualities of porn actors. It would also be helpful to know a bit about acting and to memorize the script that the actors would receive.

How Much Do They Pay for Filming Porn?

how to be a male pornstar

Given the heavy burden that each porn actor has to bear, the pay here is pretty decent. A full day of shooting can cost around $500, depending on your level and the number of shoots. It should also be understood that there are much more men who want to act in porn than women. Because of this, the demand would be high for each vacancy. But if you get the opportunity to work with a good agency, everything would be much easier. They would take some of the money that you receive from the filming, but in return, they would look for work for you, which would already make the process easier for you. And if you can sign a contract with the company at all, then you are guaranteed full employment.

By the way, the price for shooting can increase if there is a non-standard scenario or a departure from classic sex. For example, if you take part in group porn, you can get 20-30% more. If there are any other unusual options, then for sure they would cost even more.

And to increase your fees, it is important to prove yourself well. This includes:

  • taking part in many proposed shootings (preferably of different genres);
  • fulfillment of all requirements of the director;
  • no problems with the body;
  • the ability to present yourself well in the frame.

What Does It Take to Be a Male Pornstar?

what is it like to be a male pornstar

Here are some more helpful tips on how to become a male pornstar. Try to take them all into account if you want everything to work out much faster and then success is guaranteed to you.

Tell Your Loved Ones about It

Instead of having a few uncomfortable conversations with your loved ones, relax and reveal your secret right from the start. Find out the reaction of your girlfriend, parents, brothers, and sisters. This is much better than if they see you on the Internet before you tell them. If you are determined, you must accept the fact that not everyone would like it.

Make a Concrete Plan

Try to fully describe everything that you would do at the very beginning of your career. Add fallback options or just a lot of outcomes of events so that you always have a ready-made option, and you don’t waste time thinking. Also, if you suddenly don’t want to do porn anymore (or you won’t be hired again), figure out what you would do next when you finish working in this industry.

Release Your Ego

Being a guy in porn is cool, horrible, and humiliating at the same time. If you refuse because of any problems like “I have a meeting with friends this day”, “I don’t like my partner”, “the scenario isn’t for me”, then it would be much more difficult for you to move on. Expected isn’t necessarily what you want, like, or think about. Personally, the industry doesn’t need you; they need a male performer who would be with everything.

Be Safe

The big danger in porn is that you can pick up unpleasant diseases here. That is why it is important to take tests for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases because no one here is insured. The more often you shoot, the more often you need to do it. If suddenly you have any problem, think about what time and with whom you could pick it up. Inform everyone you have been in contact with and start treatment immediately if needed.

Now you know how to act when “I want to become a male pornstar” pops into your head. Perhaps it will be difficult for you, or difficulties will come across on the way of your formation, without this in any way. But be sure that when you go all the way, you can achieve even a high ranking. This in turn will lead to even more filming, and of course money. So take into account all our details about what is it like to be a male pornstar and start developing right now!

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