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How to Choose a Martial Art

No one is insured from situations where the only way to protect yourself or others is to fight. We would like that you always feel confident and strong. We have prepared this article so that you can choose a martial art style special for you.

Let’s say immediately, picking of martial art is always heavy physical activity. And no matter what kind of them you choose, at first it will be hard. Training will not be easy, you will lose in sparring, and injuries may occur. But this difficult path must be passed to get a reward: a tugged strong body, good endurance, self-confidence, as well as the opportunity to stand up for yourself in any situation. If you are ready to challenge yourself, you should learn more about the most suitable martial arts.

English boxing

which martial art is right for you

This is the best choice of martial art for beginners who have not previously engaged in any martial arts. Boxing is universal as it provides a good base of skills, which will help to master any martial art in the future. It is also notable for its simplicity. Boxing techniques are very effective, and their mastering does not take as much time as in many other types of fights. So, if you don’t have a lot of free time, and you want to learn to fight as fast as possible and to fight well, classic boxing is exactly your variant. Also, it is not difficult to find a qualified coach in almost any city.

Many who have the question of what martial art to learn can safely choose boxing, as it will be incredibly effective.

To master all the techniques at a decent level, it takes about three years. However, already at the beginning of training, you will get the skills that will be useful in any unpleasant fight. Someone thinks that the main disadvantage of boxing is its limitations. Mostly you practice punches and blocks with your hands, while throws and kicks will be your weak spot. But as practice shows, this is only fair if you have to fight with some wrestler. But the arsenal of an ordinary street hooligan’s technique is extremely scarce and usually includes quite curved kicks, occasionally with kicks. And to defeat such an opponent, a couple of well-established boxing techniques will be enough.

Muay Thai

how to choose a martial art

Muay Thai or Thai boxing is a very effective type of martial arts for a street fight. It has a wider arsenal of techniques compared with English boxing. In this case, each of these techniques is a strong weapon against almost any opponent. Mastering Muay Thai, you will be practicing blows all the parts of the body (except, perhaps, the head) undercutting, grabs. What this art teaches you first of all is that any fight is worth trying to conduct solely on your feet. And even being on the ground, you should get on your feet as soon as possible. All techniques are quite simple, but if you learn them on a good level, you can fight even a master of martial arts.

Getting into this martial art will take more time for you. If English boxing can be practiced less than three times a week, then Thai will require at least three full training sessions. Here, more emphasis is placed on coordination and motor skills, as well as discipline. Muay Thai is your option if you have the opportunity and desire to devote a little more time to martial arts. Experienced masters tend to the fact that it is an ideal type of wrestling in the ratio of effort spent and the result obtained.


choose the right martial art for you

If you have already mastered some kind of boxing, but you are not enough, or there is a desire to plunge into the world of martial arts with your head, your choice is Sambo. It is a complex type of martial arts, which has many advantages, including high efficiency, openness, and flexibility. The already existing arsenal is so large that it may take years to master everything. This is a struggle, blows, and choking techniques. Sambo has a whole set of skills for special services workers, which also includes working with weapons, methods of detention, and more. But even in ordinary training, you will get a lot of knowledge, which concerns different areas.

Some people may even think that sambo classes give too much extra. An ordinary person who just wants to learn self-defense does not need to get acquainted with all the techniques. Many of them are suitable only for competitions and in a street fight will be irrelevant. After all, the situation in the lighted hall is the same, but in a conventional dark backside is completely different. Even in the case of a real attack, efficiency is always more important than the technicality and beauty of movements.

That is why not everything you learn at the training can be useful in your future life. But this does not cancel the fact that Sambo is a great option to develop your body and spirit to incredible limits. But it takes a lot of time, patience, and concentration.

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