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How to Combine Suit Coats with Jeans?

best sport coat with jeans

In modern fashion, it is customary to combine a sport coat with jeans. Previously it was considered that a coat is a classic thing and only pants should be worn under it, now everything has changed. Stylish guys have learned how to combine sports jackets with jeans and look great.

Today we will talk about how to combine casual sports coats with jeans. We will pay attention to fashionable colors and the rules of their combination. We will also analyze how to decorate the image with accessories and what kind of shoes you can wear.

Do Men Wear a Casual Sport Coat with Jeans?

The coat is a classic piece of clothing, under which you should carefully select the pants. Even though the jeans belong to the sports style, they can be worn together with the coat. However, you should remember a few rules to look stylish.

Since there are different cuts of jeans they can be combined with some types of coats. The main thing to remember is that all clothes should be of the same style or at least approximate. Modelers have come up with special models of coats for jeans, and they look like a classic floor.

How to Combine?

sport coats to wear with jeans

Buy single-breasted models, as they will never go out of fashion and will be perfect with jeans. A necklace and duffle coat look good with jeans. The necklace should be up to the middle of your thighs. It is double-breasted and fits perfectly with different jeans.

The duffle coat is quite long, it can reach the knees. This model is perfect for young people. An additional element of this clothing in the form of a hood will help to dilute the classic style.

Actual Colors

When choosing a coat, you must remember that it must match the color of the jeans. Therefore, it is better to choose neutral colors. Nowadays, such shades are very popular:

  • Black. This color fits absolutely any clothing.
  • Gray. It is better to take a light gray coat. It fits well with bright shades.
  • Blue. This color has been very popular for several seasons. It can be of any shade, it does not affect its elegance. However, with this option, you should choose the color of the jeans. Of course, black and blue will look perfect.
  • Beige. This color makes a man stand out well from the crowd. It can also be called universal. Not only that, it comes in different shades.

Looking at the trendy colors, we can conclude that the combination of men’s sports jackets with jeans will look beautiful if you choose neutral tones of outerwear. With the bright colors of pants, you need to be very careful because they may look bad under such outerwear.

Selection of Shoes and Accessories

sport coat to wear with jeans

Under this image, many guys like to wear hats or caps. They fit perfectly under the coat. The hat should be black or gray in felt or velour. The hat should be woolen or leather.

It is also possible to complement the image with a scarf. It is better to give preference to classic scarves. If you have a bright hat, then the scarf should match the color of your coat. If we talk about boots, then you can put on shoes. As it does not sound paradoxical, but you can also wear a coat with jeans and sneakers. It is important that the sneakers were not a bright color and fit under the jeans.

Tips for Choosing a Coat

It is important to remember that the coat can perfectly hide a man’s flaws and emphasize his peculiarity. However, for this, you need to choose it correctly. Let us consider a few tips.

  • Consider your height when choosing a model. It is better not to choose long models for very short men. Elongated coats will suit tall guys.
  • Men with short shoulders should choose a coat with narrow lapels. Having wide shoulders, you can choose wide lapels.
  • Outerwear should follow the figure, but a man should be comfortable moving in it. The coat should not stiffen the movement.
  • More fitting models will suit slender guys. It is better to choose a loose coat for chubby men.
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