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Beginner Fishing: Read The Information To Be Well-Informed Right Now!

basic fishing kit

Have you ever thought about going fishing and getting a good catch?

Fishing for beginners

Besides the car and women, one of the favorite occupations of men, of course, is fishing. Every year there are fewer and fewer men who hold a fishing rod at least once in their life. For some, this fishing is a hobby, for someone it is a pleasant pastime and sports interest, and someone with the help of fishing makes a living.

A beginner, before going fishing for the first time, needs to understand a few things. That fishing is divided into summer and winter and each type has its own tackle and devices. It is immediately difficult to understand the fishing terminology for beginners. When going to fish for the first time, you need to have at least a superficial idea of ​​how to do it and where. After all, each type of fish prefers its own habitat. And you will not be able to catch a pike in a pond or lake, but a crucian carp in a river.

Each fish has its own needs for food and you should learn more about bait too. Of course, good knowledge about beginner fishing can be gained by talking to seasoned fishermen, but you can also learn a lot from the literature on fishing.

Beginner fishing rod

Summer fishing is considered more attractive. In summer, there are a lot of places where you can fish: these are lakes, rivers, ponds. And in warm weather, for many, it is more interesting to fish than in winter. Although there are also many supporters of winter fishing and they have their own point of view on this matter.

The very first fishing tool for a beginner will, of course, be a fishing rod. It is generally considered an amateur fishing tool. A fishing rod for beginners is a universal tool for fishing. It is equally convenient for her to fish both from the shore and from the boat. And as a beginner, you should first learn how to fish with a rod. A simple fishing rod consists of a rod, a fishing line with a float and a sinker, and of course a hook. Its device is not complicated, and you yourself can build it at home, having previously purchased everything you need in the store.

Beginners fishing kit

The modern fisher must be properly equipped and equipped. A floater, in addition to a fishing rod and attachments for fishing beginners, needs the following items:

  • tank for water intake, bucket, or fish tank;
  • container for mixing bait (can be combined with the first);
  • fishing chair;
  • fishing bag with spare tackle, knife, shovel;
  • a cup, “thermos” in case of refreshment and drinking water;
  • Well, if you wish, a tent, a hammock, a bowler hat or a set for fish soup, etc., in general, a “tourist’s backpack.”

Clothing also is an important aspect of fishing kit for beginners:

The angler’s clothing should be durable, lightweight and, if possible, waterproof. Be sure to need a cap and or a hat with a sunshade. Yes, it is also fashionable and useful to have glasses with an anti-glare effect in order to “control not only the space above the water but also under the water”, at will.

In summer, care should be taken to ensure that clothing covers all bare areas of the body – legs, arms, neck – to protect against ticks, mosquitoes, and midges. Many people use special hats with a mesh to protect their faces. In winter, clothes should be waterproof and warm.

Basic fishing kit:

beginner fishing kit


Of course. The choice of a spinning rod depends on where you are going to fish, from a boat or from the shore, what type of pond.


Today, take a non-inertial reel that will last at least 1-2 seasons. Yes, it is this time that will allow you to understand all the subtleties of spinning fishing, and answer the question which reel you need.

Fishing line

It is also one of the most important things in the beginner fishing kit.


This is the most interesting topic. There are thousands of lures: turntables, spoons, various types of rubber, spinnerbaits, wobblers. To start spinning fishing, you can take about 5-10 lures. For a start, I recommend taking 2-3 turntables, 2-3 spoons and a couple of wobblers. Expensive models are not worth taking, since in the absence of experience, it is highly likely that all this wealth will remain at the bottom. The bait can take about 500 rubles.


3-5 leashes in your freshwater fishing kit will be enough to get you started

Fishing rods for beginners

For fishing with float tackle, it is best to purchase a light and not too long telescopic rod with a reel. Such a fishing rod is quite compact (it can be carried in a backpack or transported in a car) and versatile – it can be used to catch most of the peaceful fish, as well as perch.

How to choose a beginner’s fishing rod?

beginner fishing

Here are some tips that can help you in it:

The weight

The larger the weight category of the blank, the longer the angler will be able to hold the rodless in his hands without feeling discomfort. And this is very important!

Rod length

To do this, you need to decide on the type of reservoir and the place from where the casts will be made. The best material from which a rod can be made is carbon fiber or carbon. It is lightweight and shockproof. Fiberglass is considered the most budgetary. It is, of course, heavier than its counterparts, but it is also not afraid of blows, and this is a plus.

Rod rigidity

Soft, medium, hard. The choice is made based on the personal preferences of the amateur angler and the type of fish itself. To find out what the rigidity is, you need to rest the tip of the fishing rod against the ceiling surface. Proceeding from this, the deportation conclusion, if the tip of the tip is subjected to oppression, then you are in front of a representative of a high class of rigidity, if a part of the deflection is visible only in the upper half, then the middle one. If the stick bent completely to the butt, then the soft rigidity is “on the face”.

Quality – important for beginner fishing rods

Do not neglect this, since this will determine how successful your fishing will be. So, it is better to give preference to the product of a well-known brand, which has more than one year of successful work behind it, as well as a reverent attitude towards its customers and its own reputation. Remember that high-quality fittings will serve for many years, pleasing with their flawless work.
Do you want to try salmon fishing for beginners? Read about all the important things that you need for doing it and just to become a good fisherman!

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