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How to Flirt with a Girl over Text without Being Obvious: The Complete Phone Flirting Guide

how to flirt over text

Flirting with a girl is an integral part of a love relationship. It consists not only of a word game, but gestures, glances, facial expressions are also important. The question is how to use all of this. Not all men correctly use text flirting with a girl.

Many do not know this science and do not know how to low-key flirt when asking a girl out on a date. For a lot of guys, looking good is important. They consider this to be enough to impress the women.

No wonder they say that a girl loves with her ears and a man with her eyes. The development of your relationship in the future will depend on what you say. Yes, and the popular wisdom that they are greeted by their clothes, and escorted by their minds, should also be remembered.

If a guy is dressed up like a peacock and makes the same sounds, you can not even dream of a relationship. But even a gray sparrow, bursting into a nightingale, can make an impression. So what is flirting, and how is flirt with a girl online?

How to Flirt with a Girl over Text and Why?

flirting over text

Flirting is a game that includes verbal hints, playful looks, sensual touch. You need to know the clear line between flirting and impudent behavior. To be successful in a relationship with a girl, you need to know certain rules of behavior with how to tell a girl she’s cute over text, words, and gestures that you can use.

This is a whole science, which is comprehended over time and is consolidated by long-term practice. On the path of knowledge, there will be grief and rejection. Do not despair, “He who does not knock will never be opened.” If one girl refused, you must try with another, correcting your mistakes.

Wordplay, during phone flirting, is always on the edge. It should always contain innuendo, playfulness, the ability to tease a little. In almost all phrases and words, there should be an ambiguity that the partner can think of herself, pleasantly.

Phrases in no case should sound vulgar, intrigue should sound in them. Simple pickup texting should be fun, but not rude or offensive. Explicit “verbal diarrhea” can permanently ruin a relationship.

Never bend the stick, never push the girl. If she stops responding to your monologue, stop. The girl should feel safe, know that at any moment the “verbal battles” will end.

We must learn to find a middle ground between caution and courage in flirting over the text. To do this, put yourself in the girl’s shoes to understand how she feels from your “flirting”.

How to Flirt with a Girl over a Text without Being Obvious?

how to flirt through text

Flirting on the Internet has its own characteristics. When chatting on social media, there are rules that you must adhere to if you want to be successful to chat flirty.

  • Before starting a correspondence, you should study the girl’s page on social networks well, find out what she likes and what she is interested in. This is necessary in order to find the right topic for conversation.
  • Having started a correspondence, be sure to quickly answer questions, and not go for a “smoke break”. Long pauses reduce interest, and the conversation can be quickly interrupted. You must show your interest in flirting through texts.
  • Messages should not be dry statements of facts. In conversation, it is necessary to use humor and jokes. They will help set up the conversation to be positive.
  • You need to be able to end the conversation correctly so that the girl wants to correspond with you or meet. The phrase “I went to bed” will definitely not work.
  • You should not put too much pressure on a girl, finding out all the details of her life on the first day. Everything should be done gradually according to flirt examples texting.
  • You should tell the truth about yourself. Tell an interesting life story, preferably with humor. You shouldn’t complain about your life. It should be remembered that if you laugh, the whole world laughs with you, if you cry, then you cry alone.
  • Compliments should be made in correspondence. They don’t have to be trivial. Find something special in it and accentuate it in your compliment with flirting techniques text.
  • When flirting on social networks, do not write poems, stories about your plans. The text should be as short and intriguing as possible. The rest will be in person.
  • Persistence should be shown in correspondence, but it should be distinguished from impudence. You should feel the interlocutor, know when to step back, and know-how to finesse a girl.

There are many phrases of flirting tips texting that will help to establish contact, arouse interest in the interlocutor:

  • “Do you think we can become friends or something more?”
  • “There is a mystery in you that I want to solve.”
  • How to make a girl blush while texting? Write to her:
  • “You have a wonderful smile, looking at it, I want to smile too”

How to respond to a girl’s text? When asking your question, you must know the answer yourself. You should not be very frank and arrogant. This can alienate the woman.

How to Flirt over the Phone?

how to finesse a girl

Phone flirting is a tricky business. You cannot see the interlocutor, you cannot make eye contact, you cannot use your external data.

The whole difficulty of a telephone conversation lies in choosing the right time and topic of the conversation and knowing how to flirt with a girl over text. There are several guidelines for proper phone flirting:

  • Before calling, to find out how to turn a girl on over text, you should have enough free time so as not to interrupt the conversation and not rush the conversation. It should also be borne in mind that the girl should also be free and there is nowhere to rush. Better to ask immediately and postpone the conversation to a more convenient time. The main thing is not to forget to call back on time.
  • Not to know how to tease a girl over text. You need to choose the right place for the conversation. You should not talk in noisy places where you have to ask again, or you simply won’t hear half of the conversation. The best place to be is a home environment where no one will disturb you.
  • Take care of the timbre of your voice. You need to talk freely, without a lump in your throat. Confident speech is the key to a successful conversation.
  • Do not have meals during the conversation. Chewing food during a conversation, your speech will be slurred, there will be extraneous chomping sounds that can only cause disgust and the girl will think about how to spit game through texting.

How to Banter with a Girl via SMS?

SMS should be short and concise. A long story can be boring and not fully read. It should contain no more than 2-3 sentences. Each should have a twist. It should arouse interest and make the woman respond to it. And only after that, you will see how to turn on a girl over text.

Never post more messages than you get replies. It’s not worth bombarding SMS. She will perceive this as pressure and may quit the correspondence.

Pay attention to literacy. An SMS with a lot of grammatical errors is a failure. Read the text carefully before submitting it.

If you already have nothing to say, it has become boring, know how to properly end the correspondence. The end of the conversation is very important. You should choose the right words so that there is a promise of a new meeting.
Now you know how to flirt through text, and you can easily surprise your friends or acquaintances.

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