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What Is Beach Hair – A Complete Guide for You on How to Get Beach Hair at Home

Complete Guide for men's hairstyle

Remember what hair looks like when you are relaxing at sea? This is the effect of beach hair – a slight carelessness and texture. Saltwater makes hair thicker and thicker. And this is the best summer hairstyle imaginable. But if you are not on vacation, but only earn money for it, then this is not a reason to refuse such styling. You just need to make a little effort to imitate the talent of nature.

What Is Beach Hair?

What Is Beach Hair?

The effect of wet hair in men is a hairstyle that is very popular in the summer due to its simplicity and speed of creation. This is a trendy, modern trend, suitable for guys with short curls or hair that is slightly less than average. The unusual design of curls will give the appearance of attractiveness, originality, and singularity. Almost all girls like this masculine image. Creating this effect is a great option for young guys who don’t like to spend a lot of time styling their hair. Due to its versatility, it will be a wonderful addition to any look, both everyday and business.

To create beachy texture and volume at home, you need to stock up on a couple of styling products and a hairdryer. Here are a few easy steps that will make you look like you’ve just arrived from Californian La Jolla or Italian San Vito Lo Capo.

Wet hair effect – beach hair men benefits

Creating an image with such a hair design, a number of advantages open up for men:

  • showiness – the hairstyle looks especially beautiful on the owners of medium curls. Creating a slight waviness will no doubt go well with the image of various styles;
  • practicality and usefulness – protection of curls from moisture loss is provided. They are also less exposed to the negative effects of high temperatures in summer;
  • variety of design – the type of styling directly depends on the length and type of hair.
  • The undoubted advantage of the hairstyle is freshness, elegance, and a stunning look all day long.

How to Get the Beachy Hair Look?

How to Get the Beachy Hair Look?

Recently, many guys prefer to visit barbershops. And this is not at all strange, because in men’s hairdressing salons each client will receive professional, high-quality service. Using the services of beauty salons for guys, you can create the perfect hairstyle that will hide all existing flaws, and highlight the advantages of appearance, on the contrary. Barbers are masters of their craft. They will help you choose a hairstyle that will perfectly match your haircut and facial features.

Men, who go toe-to-toe with modern fashion trends often ask themselves the question: how to make the effect of wet hair for guys? If you are unsure of your own abilities or just do not want to waste time creating styling, then of course, go to the barbershop. Here you will be given this hairstyle, which will look great for a long time, at its best. Craftsmen use professional tools, as well as cosmetic fixing products that are suitable exclusively for your hair type. The barbershop will certainly create an ideal, beautiful curl shape for you.

Can you create beach look hair yourself, at home? The answer is yes. This styling is quite simple, so it is not necessary to visit a men’s hairdressing salon.

How to Get Beach Hair at Home?

How to Get Beach Hair at Home?

You should definitely purchase special cosmetics for the effect of wet hair. It can be gelled, mousse, spray. It is enough to follow these steps:

  • wash and dry little curls (with a hairdryer or towel);
  • hold some styling product in the palm of your hand. Distribute it evenly over the curls;
  • comb your hair using a flat comb with fine teeth;
  • create the necessary styling and completely dry your hair (for this, you can safely use a hairdryer).
  • In the process, the main thing will not make the two most common mistakes: first, fixing cosmetics must be applied to wet hair (in no case dry them completely), second – do not overdo it with the amount of styling agent.

And then you will have messy beach hair.

Top Tips on How to Get Beachy Hair

Top Tips on How to Get Beachy Hair

Don’t Wash Your Hair Every Day

You don’t need to wash your hair every day to get the volume and texture you need. What’s more, daily washing is bad for your hair. It is better to use the technique of coaching – every other day, wash your hair only with conditioner, without shampoo.

This will keep all the essential oils you need to keep your hair looking well-groomed. This will keep your hair healthy and thicker at the same time.

Use Dry Shampoo

On days when you are not using shampoo, you can refresh your hair with a dry powder shampoo or spray. It will absorb excess oils and serve faithfully in the fight for texture and volume.

Please note that it is best to process only the roots, as this is where the largest amount of fats and oils is collected. Spreading dry shampoo on the ends will have no effect. In fact, it will only dry your hair aimlessly.

Shape with Paste

The paste is the most versatile remedy because it can be applied to both wet and dry, both short and long hair. Plus, it’s easy to work with during the day. The paste is invisible and easy to wash out.

This tool will cope with any task: moisturize, smooth, fix, add texture. Good hold and shine will be a bonus.

Use a Hairdryer for Volume

A hairdryer is a great thing that does two things at once: it gives extra volume and fixes any styling, enhancing the effect. When you apply the product to damp hair, shape it with your fingers or a comb and gently lift it up, directing the air from the bottom up.

Choose a Sea Salt Spray

The sea salt spray does not contain ocean water, but the effect is very natural. Just like dry shampoo, the spray absorbs excess oils and lifts the hair, and distributes it to the strands. The spray greatly increases the shine of the hair, so for long strands, a combed hairstyle is better, for medium strands – to one side, and short ones are better placed on top.

Comb and Then Tangle Back

Sometimes the hair will refuse to obey without the help of a comb, but usually, it kills volume and texture. How to be? Don’t worry and keep brushing. Just brush your hair with your fingers as you blow-dry the gel or cream or sea salt spray. Separate the strands with your fingers, style as you see fit, and you’re done.
So you learned everything in detail about what you need to do to have beach boys’ hair, thanks to the information that we have prepared with the team for you.

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