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How to Feel Better After a Breakup for Guys? Things to Follow after a Breakup!

what guys do after a breakup

Men don’t complain, don’t cry, and don’t suffer from a departed love, so everyone always said so. But external “icy” calmness doesn’t mean that men after a breakup don’t experience and don’t feel pain. It is difficult for men to cope with the loss of a partner, as well as for women, but emotions don’t find a way out and gnaw from the inside. With this in mind, we want to share with you a few tips on how to get over a breakup for men in no time, so that they can reawaken the strength in you, even if it hurts too much.

How to Feel Better After a Breakup for Guys?

how guys get over a breakup

It may seem that a man is enjoying freedom, having fun with friends, flirting with new girls, and generally doesn’t remember his former passion. But in fact, he has no idea what guys do after a breakup, how else to calm the pain and face the truth because the relationship is over.

Surely, if you are sure that you won’t return anything, you want to get out of a depressive and painful state as soon as possible. There are several ways to get over a breakup for guys for this, but alas, getting it done as soon as possible is also not very pleasant. And if you still pull yourself together and go through every step, in just a couple of weeks you would be back in a productive and stable state again. Here’s what to do after a breakup for guys:

Letting Go of the Guilt

It’s natural to blame yourself for what happened, but it’s not a solution to how to move on after a breakup for guys. Almost all of this goes through, who broke up with a loved one. You analyze the past and think that things could have turned out differently. By thinking this way, you continue to live in the past. To forgive yourself for parting with a woman, you need to accept responsibility for a relationship that didn’t work out. Perhaps you were wrong in something and behaved incorrectly. There is no need to give up on yourself because of one failure, learn a lesson and move on. Moreover, you would understand what not to do in the next relationship, and what to pay more attention to.

Letting Go of Emotions

If you get anxious when it comes to your former crush, then you are still emotionally connected to her. To break this connection, you need to make a lot of effort, “devalue” the experience and send it to the mezzanine. Don’t press on emotions, speak them out, the only way to free yourself is to admit defeat. The recovery process can take months or even years, don’t dismiss your feelings, this would only prolong the torment.

Accept Negative

When the first suffering subsides, the man begins to feel anger and resentment. This is a completely normal reaction to a breakup. But you shouldn’t direct your emotions against the girl. Find a more acceptable way out for them: shout in an open field, talk to a friend, run 10 kilometers, write an angry letter, and burn it. Our breakup advice for guys will start going to the gym, where you can channel your anger in the right direction. For whom what suits you best, the main thing is to let off steam and relieve tension.

Find an Energy Source

Anger will come in waves, this is how our psyche works. Just a reminder or meeting can cause a flurry of emotions and a new round in the experience of loss. Start using anger as a source of strength. You may want to delve deeper into the work and start giving all the fervor to it there. Channel your anger in the right direction, for example, through sports, as we have already suggested to you. Just in no case choose to fight with any person, it is better to let it be a pear.

Start Something New

A hobby that can distract you from thoughts of your former love is the best way to get over a breakup for guys. Also, suitable: a new job or position, sports, volunteering, a trip to another city or even a country. You need new experiences to fill the void in your heart. Pay more attention to your family and friends, pleasant communication has a healing effect. Joint rest and leisure would facilitate your rehabilitation and open up new facets in relationships with people around you. You would understand who is your friend and is ready to listen and support, and who only smiles and pats on the shoulder with comforting words.

Stop Remembering

Don’t repeat the mistakes of those men who spend hours remembering their ex-lover while trying to figure out how to get over a breakup for guys. Don’t scroll through the pictures of happy days in your head, otherwise, you won’t be able to move into a new life. Gradually, only the goodwill remains in your memory, and you would want to return to that time. You can even try to mend a relationship and start over with the one that broke your heart. There are many pitfalls here because there were the same reasons why you broke up?

Psychologist’s Tips for Dealing with a Breakup for Men

breakup advice for guys

In addition, to further understand how guys get over a breakup, psychologists also identified several important things that should also not be forgotten during and after rehabilitation.

Psychologists advise you to create a new daily routine so that you are constantly busy with business. If there is no time to indulge in sad thoughts, then rehabilitation would be faster. Work as much as possible, especially in the first weeks, then you definitely won’t want to think about anything other than work and business. For new experiences, sign up for a gym, attend several meetings of interest, start learning a foreign language. Read more, especially fiction, psychological and motivational books (but not novels and books about relationships, you better leave that for later).

There is one practice aimed at how to deal with a broken heart for guys, and finding spiritual harmony. It consists in writing a letter in which you must fully and completely state all your thoughts, feelings, worries, doubts, and wishes. With the help of such a “dialogue” with another person, you are freed from the burden and give yourself a great chance to start everything from scratch. It isn’t necessary to send this letter to the real addressee.

For writing, choose a time when no one would bother or distract you. You should be comfortable and calm. Before you start, answer a few questions:

  1. What do I regret the most?
  2. Why can’t I forgive myself?
  3. What did this relationship give me?
  4. What have I learned, and what do I still have to find out?

Write, referring to yourself or to the person with whom your feelings are connected. Write by hand, “I’m sorry that…”, “if I could then…”. Put all your thoughts on paper, let them exist in real life, not just in your head. Continue writing until you feel relieved. Most likely, in the end, you would be able to look at the situation from a different angle, understand many of the nuances and draw conclusions that you didn’t even know about before. Let go of your past, throw out all your feelings, so you can quickly and easily move away from parting. We are confident that by using our things to do after a breakup for guys, you can easily bring the colors back into your life. We recommend that you start doing this as early as possible so that you don’t suffer too much. Be sure to follow all our tips and don’t be afraid of your emotions. To make you more comfortable, try to spend more time alone with yourself if you don’t want to show anyone what is inside you. And if you go through this difficult path of getting over a breakup for men, for sure you would notice changes in yourself, your thoughts, and your thinking. The main thing is to start acting. So get over it!

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