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Everything you need to know about hunting: Read The Article Now To Know All!

first time hunting

Have you ever looked for a beginner’s guide to hunting? Now you can read it in our article about hunting!

If you decide to become a hunter. Hunting for beginners.

Hunting is an ineradicable passion. People of various professions are fond of it – from foundry workers to academicians and writers. More recently, “hunting” meant the capture of birds and wild animals to obtain skins, meat or trophies – deer antlers or skins for stuffed animals. But the modern definition of hunting is a little different.

Hunting is more than just prey for birds and animals. This is a thoughtful study of their stocks, which necessarily provides for the preservation of livestock for further reproduction. In addition, hunting is the main and necessary means of regulating the number of animals and birds.

How to get a gun permit for beginner hunting?

To do this, you will need a hunter’s certificate and three certificates:

  • general medical examination;
  • that you are not registered in a mental hospital;
  • a certificate of the passage of a narcological examination.

The problem is that all these procedures have to be done every three years.

Everything you need to know about hunting

getting started hunting

Where should you choose? A person who does not know what gun to buy for first time hunting should decide on two points: who he is going to hunt and what budget he intends to spend on the desired weapon.

It is also necessary to take into account its versatility and hunting conditions. Before buying a weapon, a novice hunter should study its properties and the basics of using it. There are two types of shotguns:

  • smooth-bore;
  • rifled.

Smoothbore is used, as a rule, for firing from a medium distance with shot cartridges, buckshot, or special bullets. They are sold even to hunters without experience. With their help, they catch any animal, from small to large game. Due to their simplicity and versatility, they are the best friends of all hunters.

Rifled guns are carbines, fittings, and rifles. With their help, they hunt wild boars, roe deer, and deer. They are not suitable for a beginner, since they are quite heavy, and their foreign samples require considerable financial investments. But the main reason is that it is possible to obtain permission to wear it only after owning a regular smoothbore for at least five years.

First of all, for the first hunting trip of course, you need to come to the hunting weapons store. To feel confident among such a wide variety of models and systems, you need to understand the names. So, guns are smooth-bore and rifled. Already from their names, you can understand their main differences.

Hunting basics for beginners:

  • Rifled guns include rifles, carbines, fittings. Therefore, it is very difficult to decide which rifled hunting weapon to choose. They are designed exclusively for long-range bullet shooting.
  • Smooth-bore weapons are designed for shooting with buckshot, shot, and other special bullets at medium distances. So, if you do not know how to choose a hunting smooth-bore weapon, then, first of all, it is worth determining the choice of bullets. Actually, it is precisely such a gun in everyday life that is called a hunting one.

Hunting tips for beginners:

learning to hunt

When to go hunting?

Before you go hunting, you need to check the timing of the start of the hunt. You can clarify this information at the local legal center where you received your hunting ticket or on the government portal. And it is also worth noting that the heads of some regions can change the timing of the opening of the hunt at their discretion. In most cases, this is due to the low population of a particular animal in this area. To avoid being considered a poacher, be sure to follow all the rules of the law.

Which hunting gear for beginners should you choose? All about hunting:

It is worth immediately discarding all the famous foreign brands since such a luxury is more suitable for professionals than for beginners. A good choice would be a classic double-barreled shotgun that can be compared to a Stradivarius violin. The price, of course, is not cheap, but the quality is beyond praise. The gun must necessarily be “applied”, that is, while aiming the weapon at the object, the aiming bar must immediately lie on the eye. Excessive tweaking can become an unaffordable luxury in an extreme situation.

Learning how to hunt:

getting into hunting

Shooting training

Answering the question of where to start hunting for a beginner, it is worth mentioning such an important aspect as training in shooting. In this direction, there are many recommendations, various formulas, and schemes: how to determine the distance of the shot by the size of the object, how many bodies of a moving bird to measure forward, how to take out ahead, and other theories. However, all this knowledge can be safely thrown into the basket if the hunter uses a lot of time to aim. Remember that no one can instantly calculate the lead, taking into account the distance to the object, as well as its size, air density, and humidity, along with gusts of wind. Only years of practice will allow you to acquire the ability to shoot intuitively.

You need to remember also about safety for getting started hunting:

Hunting for beginners should follow certain rules. Remember: it is allowed to remove the weapon from the safety lock only before the shot itself. Never shoot horizontally on water or ground unless you are 100% sure that there are no other people on the opposite bank or in the thickets.

In general, it is recommended to do learning to hunt of how to shoot a bird on the fly as soon as possible, because it is much more hazardous and safer. When seasoned hunters see a beginner who hits the birds in the sky without missing, they will understand that you are not just lifting your nose, but are trying to learn all the tricks of hunting wild animals. Protect your weapons from rust, especially in rain and snow. And also make sure that no foreign objects, such as dirt, dirt, grass or twigs, get inside the trunk.

How to go hunting for the first time: extra useful tips

Hunting for beginners involves the correct use of disguise. Harmonization of the conditions of forest and forest, in accordance with the principles of harvesting, forest, forest, forest, and forest. And don’t forget that the best disguise is patience. It is necessary to fix it until the game is not at a distance suitable for a shot. If you are still well disguised as the terrain, then the chance of success will increase significantly.

One more thing to start hunting – we think you understand that you need to go on your first hunt ONLY with experienced hunters?

And, of course, the equipment. Good clothing is one of the keys to a comfortable hunt. Today there is a lot of everything, from demi-season hunting suits to special equipment for a specific time of the year. Shoes also need to be sturdy, don’t forget about it – a small abrasion on the soles of your boots can let you down at the most inopportune moment!

More useful tips about getting into hunting!

Finally, let’s talk about the products. Do not take everything on the hunt. Usually the “hunter’s ration” includes bread, potatoes, salted bacon, canned food, pasta, tea, and various spices. And of course a sufficient amount of clean drinking water.

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