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How to Increase Your Penis Size at Home?

how to naturally grow your penis

Every man who cares about the quality of his sex life has a clear idea of the ideal penis. The desires for details may differ, but the big size remains a priority, perhaps, for everyone. Small length and girth of male dignity become a serious reason for complexes and obsessive thoughts about how to make the penis longer at home. Why exactly at home? It is not customary to disclose such intimate problems, and besides if there is a possibility to solve them on your own, without the involvement of outsiders – why not try?

Is It Real to Make the Penis Bigger at Home or Just a Myth?

A small penis does not satisfy everyone, and one should not perceive this problem only as “inability to use it. You should not ask anyone about how to make dick bigger – most people are skeptical about such undertakings. But skepticism is in vain – scientific progress leads to the appearance of more and more effective ways to make the penis bigger at home. There are virtually no muscle tissues in the penis, and it “works” on the hydraulic principle. The ability to stretch and change the volume under pressure creates opportunities to lengthen the penis.

It is said that in just two months of satisfaction with a very narrow opening, the male penis can shrink. Such a statement is unlikely to be true, but changing the size upwards is definitely not a myth. Systematic performance of targeted actions, in particular, special exercises, effective tools, and proven means will soon allow you to answer the question yourself, whether it is possible to increase the penis at home. And this answer will be affirmative, but only with the right approach.

The Best Ways to Enlarge Penis Size

how to naturally grow your penis

Creams, Gels, Tablets

Special gels, creams, sprays, pills, and supplements for male organ growth have doubtful effectiveness and influence on the quality of male sexual life rather than the length of his “device. Only naturally it is possible to achieve lengthening of the penis by stimulating tissue growth and cell division. However, this is the first thing you can find online when you are wondering how to get a big dick.

Therefore, such means and drugs show effectiveness only when used “in tandem” with other techniques that really give results, confirmed by scientific studies and real experiences of men.

Jelqing Exercises

The method of lengthening the penis by jelqing came to us from the Middle East. Few people know, but it is actually an ancient Arab technique, which is the manipulation of the genitals, similar to milking. A distinction is made between dry, wet, and squeezed jerks. In all cases, the male organ is stretched with the hands.

There are many variations of such exercises, but there are no “secret” formulas or universal programs. You should choose the program individually and stop at the one that will show effectiveness in your case. The body’s reaction to different loads is the main reference point.

Initially, you should do the jelq in a semi-erection state and then increase the intensity of the exercise at the expense of the erect state. Develop self-discipline, do these exercises regularly, and see a slow increase.

How to Grow Your Dick Naturally:

make dick bigger
  • Treat the skin with lube (relevant for beginners);
  • Then create a ring of your index finger and thumb at the base;
  • Make a tight grip on the penis with the OK-grip;
  • Squeeze the shaft of the penis and drive the blood towards the head;
  • When your hand comes to the head, use your other hand to make an OK grip at the base. The first-hand reaches the head – let go, the second-hand starts the movement.

One approach should last about 10 minutes and consist of about 250 iterations. All in all, exercises last about 40 minutes a day, and this time includes not only the jelq but also other exercises for a more diverse load. Growth is not immediately noticeable, so you need to set yourself up to work hard on yourself for months or even years.

How can I enlarge my penis at home without pain using jelqing? To avoid pain and injury, keep a medium pace and rhythm, start with wet jelqing. After 6-8 weeks of regular training, it is worth building up your erection for new exercises by about 50-70%. Jelqing combines well with stretching.

Reverse Jelq

Use one hand to grasp the organ at the base, the other hand around the head. Then we pull the erect organ to the base. And so 30 repetitions.

In addition to being able to lengthen your “device, the following improvements can be observed with the performance of various exercise techniques:

  • Better blood circulation in the penis;
  • Firmer and improved erection;
  • Elimination of premature ejaculation;
  • Increased sexual stamina;
  • Improved control of erections.

On forums and blogs they write how to increase penis girth at home up to 5 centimeters in length and up to 3 – in volume: “In performing various jerk and intimate massage techniques, systematicity and discipline are needed.” Of course, these values are individual, and there are record figures (probably exaggerated – men like to exaggerate). But at the very least, a daily prolonged massage contributes to a significant improvement in a man’s sex life.

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